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Does walking really help?

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7/12/06 9:16 A

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Don't know if I was just lucky or that it really helped but this won't hurt if it doesn't help.
I practiced hypnobirthing but wasn't completely succesfull. what did help me was to stay calm and visualize my pelvic as a roze that is opening its leaves one by one with every contraction.
labour was only 3 hours for the first one.

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7/12/06 12:16 A

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I hope it works for you too- it didn't work for me though! I was walking at least an hour a day, all the way to two weeks past my due date, through my induction, etc. She just didn't want to come out! However, it did make me feel better that I was trying to do something, it made the waiting go faster, and I think that staying in shape throughout my pregnancy made it "easier" (I put that in quotes because the labor and delivery part was pretty hard for me- I can't imagine how I would have felt that I not beed active and working out!)

Good Luck!!

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7/10/06 10:38 P

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The literature on this subject has some studies finding shorter labors when women started walking at the start of labor, while others have found no difference in labor progression rate and duration.

My feeling is that walking will do no harm and may help, so it's a good tool for helping your body prepare for labor and may hasten your baby's drop down into position and stimulate your cervix to dilate. If you're a week or so from your due date you can continue with walking to help speed this process.

The key is to try short walks then rest a bit, so you don't exhaust yourself before labor. Try doing a 5-10 minute walk every hour or so (you can just walk around the house with rests as needed) if you've started having contractions. You'll need to rest with your contractions, but if you feel like it you can continue walking between them.

Hope this works for you!

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7/10/06 5:34 P

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Does walking really help you dialate faster when it comes close to your due date?

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