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Can I get in BETTER shape while I'm pregnant?

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4/1/06 1:31 P

Thank you all so much for your insight and honesty. I appreciate all the responses and support!

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4/1/06 11:34 A

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i agree with allison. for me what definately changed was my diet so i felt alot better. as my exercises were a little modified i did lose some muscle in some areas (like my butt from not playing soccer or field hockey) but on the other hand my arms got better defined.

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3/31/06 8:46 P

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WOW Allison, I just noticed you said baby #8!!!! I admire you and judging by your pic, you look great. Congrats on being a super mom LOL-seriously I totally respect that-you are so blesses and you will have so many grandbabies someday

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3/31/06 4:57 P

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Yes, you can definately increase your muscle tone and firmness during your pregnancy which will help you have a healthier pregnancy and easier delivery. Adding muscle will also increase your metabolism which will help you lose the weight more quickly after the baby is born.

I don't think you were asking about "losing weight" or being at all selfish by worrying about this as was eluded to in other posts. Actually, taking care of and feeling good about yourself helps you be a better mother! There is plenty of good diet and fitness advice on the website to help you along!

Best of luck with your pregnancy and fitness goals!

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3/24/06 1:29 P

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Getting in better shape is not really an option now. Like Becky said you can get more tone and if you couple that with healthy eating (mimic of Irongal). You will have healthy weight gain and will have more stamina through out the day.

Please do not take it out on the baby since you did not lose the weight from before. I know it is hard to think that you will be gaining more weight now on top of what you have, but remember there is not just you any more.

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3/24/06 10:32 A

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Irongal is right that you should not try to lose weight while pregnant, but you can definately tone muscles and improve your fitness gradually, meaning if you start your pregnancy doing a 15 minute walk, you can hopefully gradually incraes that to 30 minutes by the end. You can begin or continue light weights or resistance tubing to work on increasing your strength and toning muscles... exercise will help you have more energy through your pregnancy and feel better carrying the weight of the baby and be fitter and strong to carry that baby around postpartum. Just remember, work at a pace that feels comfortable, do not work to exuastion of fatigue, exercise should make you feel good, if you are new to it, ease into things if you are a veteran then keep with your current routine, but like Irongal said, do not cut calories or try to lose weight now, stay healthy and active and you will reap the benefits!

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3/23/06 8:10 P

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Hi Karen
Pregnancy is not really a time to focus on getting in better shape than you were before, and certainly not a time to try to lose weight or inches. Dieting is not an option - it will put your baby's development at risk. What you should focus on is getting enough calories in to support your baby, but eating them via the right, healthy foods instead of junk.
The other risk of trying to get more in shape is that you could push yourself too hard. If you weren't working out before, take it slowly, and ask your doctor or a prenatal fitness expert what they recommend. If you did work out before, then the general advice is to maintain what you did before, with the caveat that you listen to your body and never exercise to exhaustion. Naturally, if there's any pain or discomfort, stop immediately.
Having said all that, it's great that you want to work out during your pregnancy - this will improve your chances of an easier delivery and it may also speed up your "bounce back" from the pregnancy.

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3/23/06 2:11 P

I'm new to this board, and thrilled to find it.

I never lost the last 22 pounds from my first pregnancy and am due in early August with #2.

Does anyone think it's really possible to actually get in better shape while pregnant? Specifically, lose inches and fat in my butt and thighs?

Any insights, thoughts & guidance are appreciated.

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