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Upper Belly Bulge?

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5/17/06 7:25 P

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Hi everyone, I've read some of the thread and have to add that I to have a belly bulge had it since I found out I was pregnant. I'm not liking it but I'm overweight and know that I'm only going to get bigger and heavier. So far I have gained 10 pounds and I'm only 14 weeks. Before I got pregnant I weighed 200, after losing 60 pounds. I'm a little upset that I'm gaining again but I know I can lose. I'm saving money for a gym subscription.

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5/17/06 10:17 A

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Itís great to know its normal for many women to have the upper belly bulge first. I just thought I was going to be carrying high. My upper belly is definitely more firm than the bottom, but itís getting there. I am 13 weeks today. People jus think it looks like I have picked up weight, not that I am pregnant, so in the next month or so I am sure youíll notice I am pregnant. I wonít rush it though. I have gained about 8-10 pounds already, so I am a nervous wreck, I just gotta keep it together.

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5/17/06 4:57 A

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I know that my weight gain is too much and I am aware of what is causeing it. 1st let me start off by saying that I started off at 155lbs at 5'1 so I was already weight challenged but I exercised alot and was in the process of losing my weight. 2nd about 3 months before I learned that I was pregnant I switched and started working night shift and was diagnosised with GERD. I have been since the beginning struggled with being extremely tired so I seem to only find time to care for kids, work, eat and sleep, exercising has seemed to have lost it place. To make a long story short I am 29 weeks and up 43lbs today I weighed in at 198lbs. I had been so depressed with gaining weight that I think I was almost sinking into depression. I have decided to just continue to try to eat as healthy as I can and walk more and worry about losing weight once I have my healthy baby boy. I gained atleast 60-70lbs with my other 3 and was able to get it off within a year post pregnancy with each although that is not my plan this time it looks like that is my bodys history.

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5/8/06 6:52 P

same here!

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4/5/06 4:12 P

My name is Marta; I am 35 years old and 8 weeks pregnant/first. When I found out, my weight was 146 pounds/ height 5 '8. I spoke to my doctor and told him that I was keeping the weight watchers diet....I also write down everything I eat and I showed him few pages. There is no danger in keeping their ďdietĒ. I eat around eight times a day. I am eating right, I workout everyday...and I have gained five pounds. I can't fit in my cloth, but I know that I am doing my best and hopefully I can get back to my weight quickly after the baby.

Posts: 28
4/5/06 3:29 P

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stephanie, i just wanna say, i love your little "icon" guy in your post.

haa! xo cute!!

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4/5/06 3:25 P

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I go by my scale at home and I was around 146 when i found out I was prego. I had an U/S right away and found out I was between 7 and 8 weeks prego at that time. By the time I was 11-12 weeks I had a hard time fitting in my clothes although I didn't gain any weight. I am 21 weeks now I have gained around 4-6lbs but I feel like I have gained that 50 that everyone talks about. Hard upper belly, and jiggly in the lower belly. And my boobs - HOLY COW! THEY GOT HUGE! I have been in maternity clothes since about 14 weeks and I just feel fat - not prego. I feel like I have gained tons and its just spread all around. People at our new church didn't even know I was prego and I feel like I am huge. It's crazy. I feel like I have this huge mass on me and even some of my friends say " where's the belly? is allison really in there? " I know I didn't lose all my belly from noah - heck, he was only 6mos old when i got prego again but i didn't think i looked like this!
depressing huh!?
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4/4/06 4:27 P

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I must admit that I too am suffering from gaining five but it feels like fifty syndrome. I have been eating more healthy and exercising too.....ugh!!!! Hopefully it is just water(wishfull thinking).

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4/3/06 5:05 P

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SUNIDAY - you are right about not needing many extra calories when your pregnant. my dr. actually said we don't really need any extra calories in a day - because most people are eating too many calories to begin with (GUILTY!).

What is the normal increase when BF? I have heard around 300 calories (so no difference than being pregnant) but I have a friend who SWEARS it is more like 1,000....I do not think she is right - but I am wondering what is right?!

Posts: 3
4/3/06 2:42 P

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I'm pg with my 3rd child and am only 9 weeks. But already I can no longer comfortably wear any of my clothes. I've gained less than 5 pounds but I feel like I've gained 50!

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Posts: 2
4/2/06 10:57 P

Don't feel bad honey,I weighed 175 pre-pregnancy, and am already up to 195 and I'm only 6 weeks!!!!! Yikes!!!! This is my third pregnancy. I am eating really healthy liken olny salads and whole grain cereals and things, so I don't really understand where it is all coming from. Anyway, I work as a nursing assistant and am always excersising. Hopefully I wint gain too much more!!! I'm terrified. Well, anyway, good luck with your pregnancy!!!! Your beautifull!!!!

Posts: 1197
9/16/05 3:00 P

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Not that I am doing a great job of eating only what I should, but they say you only need to increase your caloric intake by about 300 calories a day when you are pregnant. Yikes, that sure does not seem like much considering how much hungrier you get!!!!

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9/5/05 2:27 P

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Thanks Girls, I feel kinda normal now. I too have the upper belly and think i just look fatter. I am also overweight and gained only 4lbs, i'm 24 weeks now. My u/s show a healthy, well developing baby so i'm not too worried about the small weight gain.

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9/5/05 11:20 A

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TRINCHGIRL, I believe the difference in suggested calories is that 1800 would be if you intended to maintain weight with a pregnancy...essentially losing your own weight while the baby gains weight. The amount of calories you stated was in your plan would cause most people to gain weight. That's an excessive number of calories, even for an overweight individual. But if that is the amount your body is used to eating, you may need to cut them down gradually, if you want to try and bring your calories down successfully.

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Posts: 22744
9/5/05 1:26 A

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I think the upper belly bulge is really your uterus expanding and pushing your belly out. It gets worse in subsequent pregnancies. All that belly bulge is more than baby- your uterus has to get quite large too!

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9/4/05 10:00 P

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hi everyone! With my first child, the bottom fat did start to tighten up a bit, but was never as hard as the top. Well hope everyone is doing well and good luck

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Posts: 458
9/4/05 9:46 A

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I also started out over weight. I was in the process of losing weight when surprise I got pregnant. Pre pregnancy I weighed 234. Now I weigh 231, I lost about 10 pounds in my first trimester and since about 14 weeks starting to put weight back on slowly (thankfully) I also found that my upper belly above my navel got hard, I figured that were all my organs moved to :) I am 19 weeks tomorrow (according to last ultra sound) and my lower abdomen is starting to get firmer and rounder, looking a little more pregnant then just fat :)

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Posts: 3
9/4/05 3:41 A

I also get the upper belly bulge, then it flattens out, no nice round bump for me. An "older" midwife at my local hospital (UK) was training a doctor on her rounds and brought her over to see me - because of my "flatness". She explained to the doc that it was because the baby was lying with it's back to my back. It's the same with this pregnancy. I am also overweight - 5ft 3 started at 168lbs (I was going to Weight Watchers) I'm now up to 196lbs, with 8.5 weeks left to go. But I'm not worried, I reckon 2 children under 2, the weight will come off a lot easier.

Posts: 1211
9/2/05 11:05 P

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I definitely know how you girls feel. I don't get a nice round belly, because I have two rolls of fat. I am 5'5" and weight 155, but I am considered overweight. It is hard to deal with, but until I am done having kids and can get a tummy tuck..what can you do??

Aiden Timothy
March 3, 2006
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Posts: 808
9/2/05 8:01 P

I felt like I got all flabby and bigger on top too in the first trimester. I felt crummy because it was like I was getting fatter and not pregnant. I didn't gain many pounds only about 5lbs first trimester. but it felt like I had these extra rolls!! especially when I sat down! maybe we get that way cause the baby has already started to push our other organs up so that he/she can fit in the bottom portion!LOL!

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Posts: 4128
9/2/05 10:29 A

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I'm 5'9, approximately, and my pre-pregnancy was 232 (weighing in the morning). But within four weeks it jumped up to 247 (weighing in the afternoon; I was on Slim Fast and I had to stop that). At my ten week appt I weight 251 and I've lost weight since then. Not much but some. It actually fluxes a good bit. i try to eat as long as I feel good, so hopefully everything is ok. As of right now, my upper belly is hard and rounding, almost dropping out. My lower belly is a bulge of fat and I can't stand it but it's what I get I guess for letting myself get that way in the first place. I've always had what i call a "ledge" on my lower belly and I've had kids ask me a gazillion times if I was pregnant when I wasn't. Kind of sucks but being tall you do hold it differently. I just hope I look pregnant :-)

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Posts: 6
9/1/05 7:06 P

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My upper belly was also more firm at the top. don't get down people gain weight at different time during there preg. a friend of mine gained almost have of her weight in the first trimester

Posts: 5201
9/1/05 5:12 P

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1800 is what I normally consume and I've gained 10 pounds. Doctor said it's all baby...thank god.

BabyFit Community Team
Posts: 1829
9/1/05 3:20 P

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Wow 1800 calories? That's good enough? If I can stick to that I'll be loosing weight. LOL

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Posts: 486
8/31/05 4:01 A

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Hi ladies im 21 weeks 4 days i always get a slight bulge just above my naval first too like when you get that bloated feeling just befor a period except when im preg and instead of being soft its rock hard my upper belly then becomes hard too but my lower belly just stays looking like a wobbly jelly im very over weight and this looks od people often stop and stare at the fat lady ive been in tears many times over this and shouted at one couple that yes i may be fat but im also preg and that you dont see me gawping at ugly people or those who look different from me i think their so rude i felt awful and wanted to apologies but my friend stopped me saying it was their fault not mine and id done the right thing i wasnt so sure as id been brought up to believe its rude to stare and to pass coment on others you may think it but should never say it good luck to you all

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8/31/05 2:11 A

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My upper belly was firm faster as well. Some days it feels as if it will explode it is so firm and I am only 9 weeks. definitely showing faster with second child.

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Posts: 2108
8/30/05 10:41 P

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I'm confused. My plan says to:

Consume between 2660 and 2960 calories per day : 1x / day

I thought this was a little high myself, but it's a far stretch from the 1800 you recommended in your post. Where should I be?

Posts: 5698
8/30/05 1:58 P

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my upper belly filled out first also...wierd, but I guess it happens.

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Posts: 5201
8/29/05 5:30 P

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My upper belly filled up first too LOL. Strange but true. As the weeks past, my belly started to form at the middle and bottom. Now I look like I'm pregnant. I'm 5'2 149 lbs. I am considered overweight.

BabyFit Community Team
Posts: 2108
8/29/05 4:05 P

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Okay, this is my second pregnancy, but I feel clueless about different stuff this time around. It seems to me that I'm showing a lot sooner this time in my lower abdomen, though it's hard to tell since I am very overweight (5'10" 254lbs pre-pregnancy). My questions is, why does it seem like my upper abdomen is firm, and distended as well? I'm only 9 weeks pregnant. I've gained 13lbs so far, which I know is too much, but I truly have not been eating badly since I found out I was pregnant. Any ideas?

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