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always hungry in early pregnancy

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8/22/08 4:35 P

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I was miserably hungry and despairing at getting too fat for my first few months. I kept thinking oh my god, how much will I gain in the "gaining" trimester??? Plus I was eating too much heavy food- I ate all the veggies and fruits, calcium etc., but was constantly craving heavy, greasy burgers, BBQ, fries, casseroles, etc. (which I normally eat once in a blue moon.)

My weight shot up 10 pounds or more, but happily, I have been at a stable weight since 11 weeks, when morning sickness eased up and I was able to get a little hungry without getting pukey. I stepped up workouts a little, too, and I feel really good about my shape. I wish I hadn't beat myself up so much for those sick months! Anyway, don't worry too much about eating all the time, if you're eating pretty good stuff- you can probably fix it later, when you don't need to keep nausea at bay!

Take a look at
You can more readily see what track you're on, rather than worry if you're over the evil red line on babyfit!

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I'm 37, married with 2 daughters, almost four and 15 months.
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8/19/08 7:21 P

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I'm in the same boat. I'm hungry every 2 hours so I try to eat something small. If I don't I feel very ill. Right now I'm trying to get over a stomach virus so my eating has slowed down significantly over the last 3 days, but I know when my appetite returns I'll be eating every 2 hours again.

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8/10/08 1:31 P

this is my third and it seemed like with my second that i "popped out" and showed almost immediately after i found out. this time i'm almost 7 weeks and i feel like i'm "poppin out" already!

i think its probably okay to eat a little every 2 hours as long as you are thinking about only putting good stuff inside of you and not going crazy with lots of "wasted" foods (too high in cals and fat). whatever you can do to ward off the nausea is always my motto.

also, just from experience, the last tri-mester you probably won't feel like eating much b/c your stomach has been smooshed by the baby and you will feel fuller.

happy pregnancy!

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8/7/08 11:05 A

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I am experiencing the same thing, I am just 6 weeks now and already showing a little with my first, I haven't gained any weight, any weight I put on in my belly I seem to lose elsewhere but I am always starving, I am eating between 1500 and 2200 calories and burning in exercise between 200 and 550 calories. I am just starting to feel a little sick. Candied ginger from the health food store seems to help the most. I am new to this whole thing so I don't always know what is going on...

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8/4/08 5:31 P

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Wow - this is the first post I have seen here where other expectant Moms are having experiences like mine!! I could have written some of these posts - I am also queasy all day and have to keep eating - and the majority of what appeals to me are carbs. Sigh... this is #3 and I look like I am showing already (8 weeks in) and after the first meal of the day -WOOSH! I blow up! SO FRUSTRATING!

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8/3/08 1:55 P

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Third baby coming: Have you talked about your weight gain with your doctor. 30 pounds may to too high. This is based on your prepregnancy weight. This BF article will give more:

Talk to your doctor about exercise and what is appropriate. I know you are busy with the other 2 children. But perhaps you can find ways to exercise at home with the children near. While they may be watching a favorite 30 minute TV show. You can get in the groove to move. Walking, jogging, exercise bands, small weights, tapes from the library....

Becky, Your BF dietitian

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8/2/08 9:24 A

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I haven't heard of using sea bands. Do you think that they will work? I think that I am definatly going to look into it. Anything is worth a shot right.

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8/2/08 3:09 A

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BEcky, can you help me out. I am worried about my weight. I never lost fifteen of the pounds i gained with my first baby...same with the second...I'm worried that my poor body just can't handle my extra thirty pounds Plus what 30 pounds i'm sure to be carrying around for this baby. I eat like a hoss..mostly because of being so sick. trying not to vomit all the time. I'm not a big fan of excercise..don't really have the time because of the kids anyway. But we do go walking couple of times a week. any suggestions?

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7/29/08 12:17 A

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ME TOO! I am at 12 weeks and i feel as if i have to eat every two hours!! otherwise the nausea turns into vomiting..uck! I can't believe i'm saying this but i am actually tired of eating. my kids (3 and 1 yr old) are loving it. they feel that if mommy eats they should too! so we have snacks in between every meal. so far we've been eating fruit and popcorn for snacks a big favorite around this house is sweet pickles and cheese.

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7/28/08 12:55 P

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You make me feel normal!! I am 7 weeks also and experiencing the exact same things you are! I have also gained 3 pounds because I am hungry all the time and having a full belly makes me feel better. I am thinking about getting the sea bands to help with my sickness so I don't resort to food all the time.

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7/28/08 10:27 A

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An average weight gain for someone who enters pregnancy at a healthy weight is about 25-35 pounds.

The first trimester, weight gain is about 0-6 pounds (you appear to be in this range).
Then in trimester 2 and 3, about 3/4 to 1 pound gained weekly for about 21-27 pounds.

I think you are doing fine. Cut and paste this link to go to a BF article with tips for pregnancy sickness.

Becky, your BF dietitian

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7/27/08 11:21 P

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I am only about 7 weeks pregnant and I am finding that I am constantly hungry. I have been quite sick but am finding the only thing that makes me feel better is eating. This is my second child and so far i have gained three pounds. I am just afraid it is going to get out of control.
Also,it looks like I am already showing. Is this possible?

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