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Digestive Enzymes and Apple Cider Vinegar

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9/13/07 7:35 A

I've been doing lots of research on the help benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar. It is suppose to be great in aiding in digestion. I'm in my 29th week and was having skin dermatitis problems and my research lead me to an ACV regimen. You must use the unfiltered kind from the help food store to reap the benefits. If you can see thru it, its no good. I just spoke to my doctor about using it daily and I was given the okay.
Mix 1-2tsp ( you can add 1-2 tsp of honey too if you want) in 8oz of water after each meal. I'm starting it today. Good Luck!

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8/23/07 9:31 P

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thank you all for your input.
I am going to order the enzymes tomorrow.

Take Care,

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8/23/07 10:59 A

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My understanding is that you keep with the plant based enzymes and not take the ones that have pancreas and such in them. I have used one during my pregnancy that is called "Digest Gold" and have a perfectly healthy pregnancy with good digestion and no heart burn.

I just called Enzymedica 888-918-1118 who makes Digest Gold to confirm that it is safe and they said that it is "perfectly safe during pregnancy."

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8/23/07 8:25 A

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I would think the apple cider vinegar was okay - and are you taking acidopholus? It was suggested for me to take some this pregnancy due to intestinal issues myself. Of course, check with your doctor.

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8/22/07 1:29 P

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Thanks for the reply, I did discuss it with my DR, who said it is fine to take both the enzymes and apple cider vinegar, however I still wanted to do more research. I guess I am not trusting him, my regular OB is on vacation so I did not see her.
I saw on a bottle of the supplement type enzymes that they should not be taken while pg pr nursing, so I guess I will just try to deal with the IBS. Any thoughts on the apple cider vinegar?

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8/21/07 8:22 P

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There are several issues here, and I feel it would be best if you discussed this with your doctor, who is much more aware of your individualized medical needs. There are people who do need to take enzymes, such as pancreatic enzymes due to medical/health issues. These are prescribed by one's doctor.

There are also enzymes that are sold in the supplment section/health food stores to help with digestion. These have little if any research to support safety or effectiveness.

That is why I highly encourage you to discuss this with your doctor.
Becky, Your BF dietitian

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8/21/07 4:17 P

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I have IBS and lately it has been pretty bad. In the past I have used both digestive enzymes before each meal and a small amt of apple cider vinegar in the morning. Is this safe to do while pregnant? Are there some enzymes that are better than others?


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