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Is it possible to lose weight while pregnant?

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5/8/05 12:28 A

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Trumpet mama- thanks for posting that! I have been going crazy with the weight and now am starting to hate myself! I was 169 before i got pregnant and am now 201 pounds at 23weeks pregnant. I really have started doing more walking and am hoping that I can atleast stop the weight gain if not loose a couple. I track my food as well and i seem to go about 900 calories over everday and don't really know how to get myself out of it. I ensure that I eat all of my required foods each day but then I get the craving for the foods that I like and that is when it get tricky! It helped to read this so thanks. I am going to have to learn to spread out my meals more or find something to occupy my time so that I don't eat so much!

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5/6/05 3:30 P

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Babyfit does not endorse NOT gaining weight during pregnancy, even for obese moms-to-be. The national recomendations for women who are obese is to limit weight gain to 15# during the nine month period. During the first trimester it is fine to have no weight gain or even drop a few pounds. But during the second and third trimester, 1/2# per week is suggested. There are several articles on this topic in the nutrition reference section. AND I encourage you to have a discussion with your doctor at your next prenatal visit.
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5/6/05 12:58 P

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Welcome to the should check out the thread "Overweight and pg" under "Managing Weight Gain." We've been talking about this a lot lately, but I'll fill you in on what my doc said. I'm 6 weeks pregnant and about 40-50 lbs overweight. I told my doc that my goal was to not go over my starting weight at all during pregnancy. (I started at 193). She said that's fine as long as I make sure I'm getting all the good nutrients I need and eating healthy calories. I'm eating between 1800-2200 calories a day and trackng them here on babyfit. Also, i'm walking between 20-60 minutes a day, which my doc also said was ok as long as my pulse didn't go over 140 beats per minute. I've done really well since I found out I was pregnant and I've already lost 8 lbs. My doctor said that later in the preganancy I may be hungrier and need more calories, and that I should always eat if I'm hungry, just make sure it's something good for me. I get to eat whenever I'm hungry, it's just a matter of making good choices. Also, I'm drinking TONS of water and trying not to eat after 7pm unless I have a cup of tea or hot chocolate or something to satisfy a little sweet tooth! Or, like last night, I really wanted some strawberry shortcake, so I was REALLY careful about my calories during the day so I could have dessert. (It was a good day to have salmon for dinner!) I hope this info helps you. Be sure to ask your doctor what they think. Everyone's body type is different. Even if you think you are overweight, your doctor might not. If you're just a little overweight, I wouldn't worry about it. Your baby needs food to can't live off your stored fat. I've also been trying to make healthy food more attractive to myself...I'm not a big salad-eater, but I've replaced lettuce with spinach (SO much better for you and it tastes pretty much the same to me) added mandarin oranges or some other kind of fruit, nuts, chow mein noodles, dried cranberries or raisins, etc. Yum! Also, I eat a TON of broccoli and always put cheese on it. I've been eating more asparagus, too, and found a great way to bake it in the oven. (I don't like it boiled or steamed.) Anyway, sorry to go on for so long, but I'm very pumped up about all this kind of stuff right now!

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5/6/05 11:34 A

I am overweight and only a few weeks pregnant. I eat all the time, even before I was pregnant; actually I have really cut down on eating since I have been pregnant. Anyway, I snack a lot and in the resource center under Healthy Snacks-Break Time it mentions a lot of carbs to snack on. I know baby needs a lot of nutrients but since I am already overweight should I still be eating a lot of this stuff? Thanks Allissa

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