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Have a cup of tea (unless you are pregnant)

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4/27/06 8:33 A

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I love herbal teas, espacially green and rooibos but i didn't know about the spina bifida. I'll cut back immediately.

With my 1st pregnancy I drank a lot of raspberry leaf tea in my last trimester (6-8 cups a day). raspbery leaf strenghtens the muscles used with delivery. if it is coincedence or not but at 36 weeks I was 4cm without noticing and with 38 weeks I was 6cm. my Dr has never seens this before in her entire (30 year) carreer. labor was just 3 hours and reasonably easy (no epidural).

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4/26/06 6:09 P

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Note that in the quoted research it says women who drink "a lot of green tea". I'm sure the occasional cup is ok, like with caffeinated coffee or tea. But everything in moderation.

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4/25/06 10:13 A

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EKF9655, I'm generally a big fan of herbals but since trying to conceive (now 6weeks pg) I have pretty much steered clear... I miss my Chai! I have the occasional peppermint or chamomile (decaf of course). I choose not to consume Chai because of the 'spices' mostly cinnamon and clove.

I too, love my hot chocolate, but like any intake of chocolate there's the caffine that comes with it. For warm drinks how about hot water, lemon and some honey!?!

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4/24/06 6:25 P

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To Angelaconrad... I just saw your baby's birthdate... first of all, congrats, and mainly, Oct 17th is MY B-day!!! I just had to say something.

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4/17/05 10:45 P

Basically all tea (black, green, oolong and white) is produced from he leaves of the same plant Camellia Sinensis. The difference in how it is prepared is what categorizes it. Herbal tea on the other hand is parts of herbs and flowers that when you steep it produces an infusion, but technically it is not tea at all.
Then there are tea blends that can be blended with spices, or other flavorings.
Read the label on the package to determine what you are buying and if you go for Herbal check the individual herbs for safety to use during pregnancy.

Salada Earl Green is my favorite. Bergamot oil as used in Earl grey but with green tea... Yum ;)

Take care ;)

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4/10/05 11:03 P

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Well, Becky is the dietician so her advice about iron absorbtion might be a clue. If you have iron issues then you might consider cutting back on tea/coffee. At least not at the same time as taking your vitamin or eating your high iron foods.

My Dr's office recommended Peppermint or Camamille Tea to settle naseousness. Of course, I stick with decaffinated too. I have stayed away from other herbs since some may have unwanted reactions. Otherwise, I drink plain decaf Lipton.

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Hugs & Smiles! Janet
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4/10/05 8:53 P

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I have never been much of an herbal tea drinker tea drinker - until I found out I was pregnant and had to cut the caffeine. Since then (about 2 weeks), I've been drinking 1 or 2 cups of chamomile or spiced tea simply because it was a warm treat and caffeine free. I am now 6 weeks pregnant. Is this something I should be concerned about?

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4/1/05 2:25 A

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Rooibos is the best tea! They sell it all over now, especially at places like Whole foods. The best part is that it is naturally decaffeinated and has more anti-oxidants than even green tea.

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3/18/05 11:13 A

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So my question is, what is "herbal tea". I have some mint tea that I love, and have avoided since I've been pregnant, but is that ok? I miss having something warm, and my office gets cold so sometimes I drink hot chocolate, but that is a high-calorie alternative. The tea I have is Bigelow Mint Medley tea.

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3/16/05 10:19 P

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Thanks! I am sure to avoid caffiene and herbal teas. But I know that had some peppermint tea and some green tea a few times in my first trimester. Mostly I drink one cup of hot lipton decaf tea with breakfast several times a week. I wish that my loving and concerned friends wouldn't send me stuff to worry about this late in the game. I don't think that my tea habits are excessive so hopefully my little one is doing fine. The ultrasound people thought he was beautiful and figure that counts for good formation.

Thanks again!

Hugs & Smiles! Janet
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3/16/05 9:24 P

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I always tell pregnant moms to avoid using tea or coffee to take their prenatal supplement because it decreases the iron absorption...but this folic acid thing is new to me...I'll keep my eyes on the research and see if anything else pops up. I'm sure if the research is valid that the March of Dimes will come out with a statement soon.
Becky, BF dietitian

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3/16/05 6:48 P

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Anti-Cancer Compound in Green Tea Identified
By Patricia Reaney, Reuters

LONDON (March 15) - Spanish and British scientists have discovered how green tea helps to prevent certain types of cancer.

Researchers at the University of Murcia in Spain (UMU) and the John Innes Center (JIC) in Norwich, England have shown that a compound called EGCG in green tea prevents cancer cells from growing by binding to a specific enzyme.

"We have shown for the first time that EGCG, which is present in green tea at relatively high concentrations, inhibits the enzyme dihydrofolate reductase (DHFR), which is a recognized, established target for anti-cancer drugs, " Professor Roger Thorneley, of JIC, told Reuters.

"This is the first time, to our knowledge, a known target for an anti-cancer drug has been identified as being inhibited by EGCG," he added.

Green tea has about five times as much EGCG as regular tea, studies have shown. It decreased rates of certain cancers but scientists were not sure what compounds were involved or how they worked. Nor had they determined how much green tea a person would have to drink to have a beneficial effect, he said.

Thorneley said EGCG is probably just one of a number of anti-cancer mechanisms in green tea.

"We have identified this enzyme in tumor cells that EGCG targets and understand how it stops this enzyme from making DNA. This means we may be able to develop new anti-cancer drugs based on the structure of the EGCG molecule," Thorneley explained.

The scientists decided to look at ECGC after they realized its structure was similar to a cancer drug called methotrexate.

"We discovered that EGCG can kill cancer cells in the same way as methotrexate," Dr Jose Neptuno Rodriguez-Lopez, of UMU, a joint author of the research published in the journal Cancer Research.

EGCG binds strongly to DHFR, which is essential in both healthy and cancerous cells. But it does not bind as tightly as methotrexate, so its side effects on healthy cells could be less severe than those of the drug.

Thorneley said EGCG could be a lead compound for new anti-cancer drugs.

The findings could also explain why women who drink large amounts of green tea around the time they conceive and early in their pregnancy may have an increased risk of having a child with spina bifida or other neural tube disorders.

Women are advised to take supplements of folic acid because it protects against spina bifida. But large amounts of green tea could decrease the effectiveness of folic acid.

"This enzyme, (DHFR), is the one folic acid supplements are given for. Folic acid deficiency leads to neural tube development defects," Thorneley added.

Has anyone heard of this sort of thing???

Hugs & Smiles! Janet

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