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Breastfeeding Food Restictions

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2/7/06 8:45 A

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Sweet! I so miss sushi and smoked salmon. I was worried that I still wouldn't be allowed these if I was breastfeeding (with the concern about raw fish).

Rohan Naphtali born 2/22/06
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2/2/06 4:49 P

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Some people find that eating spicy or acidic food while breastfeeding affects the baby. A friend could not eat tomato sauce until she stopped BFing. My aunt ate spicy food and could not fugure out why her son had gastric distress until someone told her to stop eating spicy food. Once she stopped the baby felt better.

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2/2/06 9:49 A

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I excusively breastfed my son for 18 months and you of course should avoid alcohol...but really I never found anything I had to "avoid" It can also be trial and error.

La Leche League says this:
"Generally, anything you are happy eating is okay for you to eat while you are breastfeeding. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule. If you have a family medical history of allergy, it is worth being careful about your diet and avoiding known allergens during pregnancy and breastfeeding. If you notice that your baby reacts badly after you have eaten something, it may be best to leave that food out of your diet for a while."

Also, Breastfeeding Myth Busters:


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2/2/06 8:36 A

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I haven't found an article that will tell me if it's OK to incorporate sushi, smoked salmon, soft cheeses, etc. back into my diet post pregnancy if I'm breastfeeding.

Rohan Naphtali born 2/22/06
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12/21/05 8:42 A

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Thank you for addressing this subject! I got some conflicting information from my breastfeeding class - it just didn't make sense. I'm off to read the article!

BabyFit Community Team
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12/20/05 9:25 P

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These foods are safe to eat during breastfeeding. You may get the food poisoning, but can not pass it to your child through the breast milk. Also since your immune system is stronger after pregnancy, you are at less of a risk.

There is an article in the nutrition resource center that discusses what foods to eat/avoid during will find it very easy and much less complicated.

The only real concern is for families that have food allergies to peanuts and nuts.
Becky, BF dietitian

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12/20/05 2:58 P

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Are the foods that are no-nos during pregnancy the same as the foods you shouldn't eat while breastfeeding?

For example, deli meat and raw eggs are out during pregnancy because of the bacteria. Can the bacteria go to the baby during breastfeeding? Are these still "nos?" If they are "nos," can you "pump and dump" or just not touch them at all?

Is there a list somewhere if the foods are different than the pregnancy foods?

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