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Just started a job then discovered I'm pregnant!

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10/4/07 2:50 P

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oh I forgot to add... I hate my new job. Not surprisingly, since I was lied to about the leave time, I was also lied to about my job responsibilities. Instead of having any contact with kids, my job is 100% administrative and I HATE it.

If I had it to do over again I would have stayed at my so-so job that was a piece of cake and where I didn't have long hours with nasty people doing a job I hate.

Just words of wisdom from someone who made a huge mistake by taking this job.

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10/4/07 2:46 P

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I'm in a very similar situation. I took a job, knowing I was pregnant (even disclosed it to my boss) who "assured" me the Superintendent (I work in a school district) would let me take as much time off as I wanted. Reality: I can take 4 weeks off max. If I go beyond that my health insurance will be cancelled. I sooooo hope for you that your employer is a nicer person than mine.

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10/4/07 11:44 A

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I started a new job mid-July and found out I was pregnant in Sept! I'm waiting to tell my boss until the end of Oct, my 90 days probation will be up then.
I understand it that FMLA doesn't help unless you've been on the job a year, but I hope my employer will be understanding!

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8/24/07 9:41 P

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That's exactly the situation I was in - started a new job, then got hit with morning sickness my very first week. This is my first, so I didn't figure it out for another couple of weeks. Whoops. This was after trying for over a year - there's nothing like timing, right?

My coworkers have been very understanding and supportive - it helps that I work with a great group of people, I suppose.

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7/18/07 9:25 A

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I'm also in the same situation, also on a probationary/temp period. I started in March and found out I was pg in April, they extended my contract to July 27th. I'm 16 weeks and I havenít told them because even thought they can't fire you, while on probation they can say "Sorry, your just not what we're looking for" after your 120 days is up. I'm waiting until after they tell me if I'm going permanent or to hit the road to tell them. If you can hide it until after your probation period you should. I know at 16 wks it's getting a little hard to hide the growing belly. But my boss said he'll tell me today what his decision is.


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7/12/07 2:53 P

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I am in the same boat too. We opened the gates last year and didn't get pregnant. I took another job this spring (I love it by the way!). A month after starting I found out we were already pregnant. We're very happy but now a bit nervous. I told my boss at 12 weeks. It just felt right at that time. I didn't know prior but, I have a boss that is extremely happy for us and supportive. The hardest part was meeting with HR and finding out I don't qualify for much since I am new and will have limited PTO time available to use towards a maternity leave (2 weeks only). At least there is the FMLA to protect our jobs. It is also difficult to only have limited sick/vacation days before I'm off on maternity leave. I worry about if my other two children get sick or me for the matter. I have no time to use or bank for December. My plan at this stage of the game is to have a good/last pregnancy and hope for the best. I can't control what will happen when baby comes but I do know that I will have a whole load of love for them. Good luck to all of you who are also in this same predicament. Having pregnancy brain/memory and learning a new job has been challenging. I hope you are all doing better than I am in that department.

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7/11/07 7:44 P

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I dont mean to laugh...but I am in the same boat! Only...I started my new fabulous job May 1...found out I was pregnant in June...not only that but that conception happened in MARCH and I had NO FREAKING IDEA! I was shocked and really afraid to tell them. But they are all thrilled for least that is what they are saying lol But they seem genuine. cant be fire for being pregnant. Nor can they give your job away while you are on mat leave.

I think there are a lot of us out there! :) Good luck and congrads!

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7/7/07 2:20 A

in america, i think you have until 5 months to disclose that you are pregnant. if you tell before the vacation, i would tell a week or two before that way its not like "guess what...., see you later..." I would also just do the best job you can, tell them you are committed to your job, and you love it. they can't fire you because you got preggers. even if you are on probation.

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