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Nice way to say "No Kids" at baby shower

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8/22/06 4:08 P

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just anticipate that some may not attend as a result.

I know we have not gone to things because kids weren't allowed - because we had no sitter.

Which is fine - but then we were given attitude by the party's holding events afterwards.


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8/22/06 3:37 P

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Thanks ladies. This is what we decided to have printed on the invitations at the bottom:

We love children; however, we are unable to accommodate them for this special occasion, so please leave them with a sitter. Thank you for your understanding.

Hopefully that will go over pretty well.

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8/22/06 3:21 P

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I do have to give this caution... if you are going to include it in the invitation... make it a part... and not an after thought. I recently received an invitation to a wedding shower where it was clear that couples were invited. It said "very casual attire" printed int he invitation. But then had written on mine was "no children" I was a bit offended. Because I know they don't know many people with kids so I know the comment was directed at me... I have a nother friend who got the same invitation and it didn't say anything about kids on hers. I still I still went to the party... mainly because I am in the wedding... but I made it clear that the reason my dh was not attending was because some one had to stay home with my dd. After paying for everything for their wedding I can't afford a babysitter.

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8/22/06 3:04 P

I went to one shower where it read
Come and celebrate with us at, nursing babies welcome, childcare available at #123 for a $8.00 flat fee per child.
I think it was a relative, the mommy-to-be probably supplemented the $ but that way people didn't just drop off their 10 kids if they didn't have too, lol!)
This way it was really clear not to bring your kids and didn't sound rude to me! hope you have a great time!

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8/22/06 1:33 P

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We put Adult only shower.

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8/22/06 1:03 P

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As with any adult party i see nothing wrond with putting "no childeren please" on the invitation itself.

I love my kids but i accept that there are some places childeren don't belong. I would not be insulted. My husband believes childeren should be included in these things wedding etc. He needs to be told and explained constantly.

Just make sure you stand by you decision and when someone comes with a sob story about why they "have" to bring their kid, be prepared to tell them you will miss them at the shower.

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8/22/06 1:02 P

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I'd also play up that it's for "adults only, please". If you have several friends who are upset because they can't get out without the kids, you might want to think about having a small gathering at another time for them.

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8/22/06 12:49 P

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I really like CCINGRAM's advise on having the invitation saying something about it being your last "adult party without kids" and maybe find a way for a babysitter to be provided--if any of your friends have older children who could help, or if you have neices, etc. that could be at your home for babysitting services during the party.
You need to decide what constitutes a "kid" too because you'll probably have alot of people ask if their 11 or 13 year old can come-since they won't run around screaming.
You might get a few upset people-but it IS your party...they'll get over it.

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8/22/06 11:37 A

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my sister tried to have a babyshower for me and my 2 sisterinlaws have 7 kids among them. her house is tiny so she said no kids. i have 3 other friend who put up a stink about their kids not being able to come. think about it 12 kids at my baby shower what fun!!!!! any way now i'm having a shower w/ my inlaws, my family in another state and the girls from work. totallying 4 showers. but hay i do like presents!!!

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8/22/06 9:43 A

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I would try to play it up as "Her last party without kids" and play up the "adult" atmostphere. It would be best if you had a few friends staying at someone's house who could keep the kids -- "babysitters provided".

We had kids at both of my showers and had no issues. I don't think it's because there were kids at the shower you were at -- it's because the parents weren't parenting!

Good luck! I loved having kids at my showers, but I understand where you're coming from!

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8/22/06 9:42 A

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Adult-Only Shower

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8/22/06 9:30 A

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I need help! How can I say that I do not want any kids at my shower? What is the proper wording to put in the invitations? The last shower I was at was terrible because there we kids running all over the place, unwrapping the mom-to-be's gifts, basically raising hell! I do not want this to happen at my shower. We are having my shower at a restaurant and I do not feel it is the place for children. It would be one thing if it was being held at my sisterís house, but we are having over 50 people at a nice place. I want it to be calm and peaceful. Thanks for the advice.

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