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What did you crave? Boy vs Girl

Posts: 2
9/19/15 11:33 P

DS~Pumpkin flavored everything. He was born in feb thank goodness so I got to hit ALL the holiday pumpkin flavored stuff. LOL

Posts: 3722
2/5/15 5:48 P

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DS1- oranges and tangerines!! All the time!
DS2- Cereal- special k berries and milk. I swear I could have eaten it for all three meals!


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1/17/15 11:03 A

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With my girl - I craved sugary cereals like fruity pebbles, lucky charms, etc. and italian ices.

I was so sick with my son that I had a hard time keeping food down. The only thing that seemed to be easy on my stomach was Subway sandwiches! I know "cold cuts are not good" but it was all I could keep down. Funny thing is now he is almost 4 years old and loves Subway!

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Posts: 1
1/15/15 2:05 P

I craved a lot of sweet stuff like cakes and loads of jellies i was also craving smoothies and now am on yoghurts i go through a pack a day of yoghurts !! i read up to see what you crave if you have a girl or boy and it said girls are more of sweet tooth and boys are more savory, but i found out that i was having a boy, all the things you get told about girl or boy is just lies because i was so convinced that i was having a girl but no im having a little boy :)

Posts: 9
6/1/11 2:43 P

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During my first pregnancy, (baby girl), I craved strawberries and icecream. I don't remember being very nauseous but I was always hungry. Now with my second pregnancy I am so very nauseous and hungry (which is so hard because how do you eat when everything makes you gag!) But I have been craving peaches and yogurt.

Posts: 4
5/28/11 10:54 A

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With Trent, my second grader, I was sooo sick for about six months! Meat repulsed me if I saw it raw first & I remember eating lots of mac n cheese.

With Dayton, my 11 month old, I was really sick for six months again & could only keep down mashed potatoes and rice. At the end of my pregnancy I ate queso, queso, queso...nutritious :)

This time around I'm not very queasy at fact I'm wondering if it will hit soon or if I will escape the nausea all together! Fingers crossed! I was dieting before I got pregnant & eating all whole foods, chicken breast, fruits, veggies, whole grains...last week I had a huge craving for Bush's baked beans lol I HAD to have some! I ate them for dinner two nights in a row (as in they were the main course & side) and then took a pregnancy test. SURPRISE...apparently the pill is supposed to be taken EVERY night at the same time :) Baby number three 3 is on its way! Maybe this one is a girl so I won't be so out numbered around here!

Posts: 72
5/27/11 8:25 P

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seven weeks....very desire for food...but McDonald's nuggets and fries went down nicely (and then the queasiness came back). I craved bread with my son...this time...just sick. I want a girl...and she is SO grounded for doing this to me!

Posts: 25
5/27/11 11:10 A

With My first girl I didn't really crave a lot, I just ate like it was my last meal, ALL the time. But if I smelled French fries at a fast food place I HAD TO HAVE THEM!! With my second Daughter it was ice cream and soda... I couldn't get enough. I lived off ice cream.
So far I want tuna fish and pickles... I am only 6 weeks and at the point where anything that smells makes me sick, but I can eat pickles, the only thing I kept down yesterday. SO maybe this is our boy!!

I remembered with both my girls I craved spicy foods, like the peppers in the pizza box, I would ask for extras!!! Hot sauce and red pepper flakes on EVERYTHING...

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Posts: 24
5/27/11 7:21 A

I don't really have any aversions, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE salads! I always ate healthy before, but I can't get enough of my leafy green friends!

Any guesses on the gender?

Have a great day. :)

Posts: 2
5/25/11 12:04 P

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I was exactly the same way I almost was like a vegetarian when I was prego I couldn't eat anything with out vbeing grossed out or getting sick .......But it was worth it because I have a beautiful perfect baby girl with my son I could eat everything and loved salty things ....Cadence liked bean burritos, Clementines, cheeseburgers

Posts: 3
5/23/11 10:57 A

I'm 7 weeks along too and I am craving carb heavy foods like bean burritos, spaghetti, and mac and cheese. The thought of chicken, which I ate often before becoming pregnant, makes me sick. Even vegetables (of all kinds) sound gross and I loved them before. I have a horrible aversion to coffee too, which I couldn't be without before. It's ironic that the things I should be eating now (lean proteins and veggies) are so repulsive to me that I couldn't even force them down. I'm also craving popsicles and guacamole. The other day I had a craving for deviled eggs so I made a batch. How random is that? I don't think I've have those since I was a child! This is all so weird!

Posts: 21
5/19/11 7:16 P

I'm only 7 weeks along and have really lost my appetite. The only thing I can really get excited about is cool, refreshing sour things like lemonade, lemon pie, grapefruit, or cool ranch chips. Any guesses?

Posts: 3
5/18/11 2:11 A

this is my 1st pregnancy. . I crave spicy foods . . . And i dont know if its a boy or a gal. . . Help? ? What do u think it is?

Posts: 3657
5/17/11 9:14 A

Girl - veggies all the time! Especially tomatoes and spinach. Aversion was turkey and garlic which I loved before. I'm still having a hard time getting near them. ugh getting sick thinking about it....blech!

Boy - sweets and sour things (I generally hate sour things other than when pg with him.) I never craved sweets before that really much and now this has stuck with me. Darn it! At least I hate sour things again.

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Posts: 159
5/15/11 3:38 P

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This is my first and it is a boy, I crave fish

Posts: 40
5/10/11 7:06 P

Baby girl number one, it was pizza. I loved pizza. Closer to the end of my pregnancy, I had to have a drink of coke everyday. Just one drink would make me feel fine. Baby girl number two, I was so super sick in the beginning, and all I wanted to eat was tomatoes. Imagine the worst sickness ever with nothing but tomatoes on your tummy. Then, I went through this cinnamon phase with her. I was trying everything that could think of to appease my cinnamon craving. If I could have just eaten a container of cinnamon without burning my tongue off, then I definitely would have. Now, I'm having a boy. At the beginning, I really just craved french fries. I mostly eat cereal but I don't really crave it, I just like it. This baby, has pretty much turned me into a professional eater. I never ate this much with the girls.

Posts: 6800
5/10/11 4:50 P

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With my first (girl) it was sweets! Pastries, cookies, ice cream, cakes, brownies, I was constantly baking!

With this one (boy) it's anything salty. I'm so surprised I'm not swelling like a balloon, because I'm on a salt overload. Potato chips, crackers, fried chicken, etc. BUT I've been on a HUGE fruit kick this entire pregnancy.

So.. my girl was sweets. My boy is salty foods and fruits.

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Posts: 1978
5/9/11 10:09 P

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Anything I can do to help! Lol

Posts: 3743
5/6/11 7:43 A

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I have a boy, and while I was pregnant, I craved barbecued spare ribs and beef short ribs the entire first 3 months of my pregnancy. I made DH take me to the rib joint at least once a week for ribs for those first 3 months! Then the rest of the pregnancy, I didn't have any cravings. Strange!

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5/5/11 11:17 P

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SOrry - I had two COMPLETELY different pregnancies and had boys both times! I had testosterone-filled dreams with #1, and overly-emotional dreams with #2. I craved tomatoes and typical fruits of every kind with #1, and I craved S'mores with #2. WAY more tired with #1, more energy and spring in my step with #2. I had a MAJOR aversion to ground beef with #1 - couldn't stand the sight, smell, taste for the entire 9 months. Interestingly enough, when my SIL brought me a MommaBurger from A&W when she came to the hospital to see #1 for the first time, I ate it without even thinking about it. Afterwards, I thought - WOW! That was the first burger I had in almost a year! For #2 I had the strangest aversion to my favourite veggie combo - broccoli and cauliflower. We get teased at our house for eating (and serving) it so very often, but I couldn't bring myself to eat it for the whole pregnancy.

I was SO sure I was having a girl the second time that I patted my belly on the way to the ultrasound saying, "So, Elizabeth, are you going to show us your goods today?" On the way home (after finding out it was a BOY) I was definitely apologizing. :)

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Posts: 10
5/2/11 10:20 A

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i have yet to crave anything. everytime i hear the word food i just want to eat lol. i do however like to eat alot of spicy food and find myself putting hot sauce on everything. i know thats not good so ive calmed down a bit but it's what i like .

Posts: 1600
5/1/11 11:41 P

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OMG- You just gave me a random craving for cherrios and McD's fish burger... lol

Posts: 1978
5/1/11 11:00 P

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With my girls I couldn't even LOOK at Chicken until my 6th month. I still had an aversion to it at night until I got pregnant with the twins. I don't know what my little angels where but from the start I craved BBQ Chicken Legs and Bean Burritos! On that alone I know in my heart they where boys.

My girls on the other hand...Fruit, Honey Nut Cherrios and McDonald's....OH and Ice Cream!

Posts: 585
5/1/11 4:40 P

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I don't really crave anything, its a girl. Like Amber I have always loved ice cream and I have probably been indulging in it a bit more now since I've been pregnant.

Posts: 1600
5/1/11 1:53 A

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I posted this in June 2011 team when before I knew what I was having! lol
I am having a BOY and have craved celery, cheese, olives and pickles, and spicy food. I hated milk in my first tri (which was sad because I always LOVED milk) but lately I cannot get enough of it! Also new: Beef. (I have always enjoyed meat on occassion but was more of a veggie type)

side note: AVERSIONS: chicken, chicken, garlic and onions, oh and CHICKEN lol.

Posts: 3722
4/28/11 8:53 P

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Fruit- lots and lots of fruit- He was a boy!

and I ate blue cheese- thought I wasnt suppose to. My body wanted it and with my gestational diabetes I finally gave in.

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A boy is Truth with dirt on its face, Beauty with a cut on its finger, Wisdom with bubble gum in its hair and the Hope of the future with a frog in its pocket.
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Posts: 17245
4/28/11 4:52 P

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I just created a post in the Cafe about my favorite new jalapeņo dip. It is made with yogurt and I love it! You should check it out.

With all 3 of mine I craved Taco Bell.

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4/28/11 2:44 P

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Just like you, I craved healthy foods (mostly fruits) with my daughter and with this one, a boy, I can't get enough fast food hamburgers. And candy. And cookies. And it is evident by my weight gain this time compared to last time...


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