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What did you crave? Boy vs Girl

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6/3/11 6:23 P

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With my first girl i craved salty McD FF and cheeseburgers, (I cant stomach there burgers there)With my 2nd girl i craved sweets big time,like donuts and cakes with tons of icing. I wasent the omg i could eat a horse prego with my girls. I was prego in 09 with a baby i lost and i swear I felt like a hungry beast...I swear that was a boy.

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6/1/11 2:43 P

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During my first pregnancy, (baby girl), I craved strawberries and icecream. I don't remember being very nauseous but I was always hungry. Now with my second pregnancy I am so very nauseous and hungry (which is so hard because how do you eat when everything makes you gag!) But I have been craving peaches and yogurt.

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5/28/11 10:54 A

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With Trent, my second grader, I was sooo sick for about six months! Meat repulsed me if I saw it raw first & I remember eating lots of mac n cheese.

With Dayton, my 11 month old, I was really sick for six months again & could only keep down mashed potatoes and rice. At the end of my pregnancy I ate queso, queso, queso...nutritious :)

This time around I'm not very queasy at fact I'm wondering if it will hit soon or if I will escape the nausea all together! Fingers crossed! I was dieting before I got pregnant & eating all whole foods, chicken breast, fruits, veggies, whole grains...last week I had a huge craving for Bush's baked beans lol I HAD to have some! I ate them for dinner two nights in a row (as in they were the main course & side) and then took a pregnancy test. SURPRISE...apparently the pill is supposed to be taken EVERY night at the same time :) Baby number three 3 is on its way! Maybe this one is a girl so I won't be so out numbered around here!

Posts: 72
5/27/11 8:25 P

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seven weeks....very desire for food...but McDonald's nuggets and fries went down nicely (and then the queasiness came back). I craved bread with my son...this time...just sick. I want a girl...and she is SO grounded for doing this to me!

Posts: 37
5/27/11 10:17 A

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I'm only 7 wks along but so far I'm craving ice cream so bad. I want the creamy soft-serve kind the most. I've already gained some weight so I'm trying to go to the gym more and walk to keep active. Being on this site definitely helps keep me in check with getting enough of the good stuff. But I still crave ice cream and it soothes my stomach and feels good.

Posts: 24
5/27/11 7:21 A

I don't really have any aversions, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE salads! I always ate healthy before, but I can't get enough of my leafy green friends!

Any guesses on the gender?

Have a great day. :)

Posts: 2
5/25/11 12:04 P

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I was exactly the same way I almost was like a vegetarian when I was prego I couldn't eat anything with out vbeing grossed out or getting sick .......But it was worth it because I have a beautiful perfect baby girl with my son I could eat everything and loved salty things ....Cadence liked bean burritos, Clementines, cheeseburgers

Posts: 3
5/23/11 10:57 A

I'm 7 weeks along too and I am craving carb heavy foods like bean burritos, spaghetti, and mac and cheese. The thought of chicken, which I ate often before becoming pregnant, makes me sick. Even vegetables (of all kinds) sound gross and I loved them before. I have a horrible aversion to coffee too, which I couldn't be without before. It's ironic that the things I should be eating now (lean proteins and veggies) are so repulsive to me that I couldn't even force them down. I'm also craving popsicles and guacamole. The other day I had a craving for deviled eggs so I made a batch. How random is that? I don't think I've have those since I was a child! This is all so weird!

Posts: 66
5/19/11 11:30 A

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Hmmm. First pregnancy 11 years ago, I craved anything I could actually keep down, lol! I was super sick. I used to McD's cheeseburger; I craved one in early pregnancy, took one bite, and have an aversion to it ever since. By mid-pregnancy, I wanted ice- Sonic's crushed ice, by the bucket. Even during labor, I sent them to Sonic for ice! I drank loads of water which was something I hadn't done before. I became a water connosior- I could tell if it was city or filtered water. Whether the filter needed changing and by how much. Whether it was a Brita or Pur. It was nuts. Baby was a girl.

This pregnancy, 1st and 3rd trimester I couldn't eat anything sweet- and I have a sweet tooth! Sweets made me so sick. I could handle canned mandarin oranges most of the time as a compromise (canned with water and sugar). I wanted a lot cheese and deli meats mostly. A lot of cheese- different cheeses- became a cheese freak. I also couldn't stand some types of salsas or hot sauces- I was very particular (I live in an area where salsa's are the norm). But basically, I would eat anything I had a mind to- after thinking it over a bit and determining whether my stomach was turning at the idea! End of 2nd trimester, I made up for the sweet strike with all kinds of cookies! I thought for sure I was going to have a boy- she came out a girl!

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Posts: 3
5/18/11 2:11 A

this is my 1st pregnancy. . I crave spicy foods . . . And i dont know if its a boy or a gal. . . Help? ? What do u think it is?

Posts: 3657
5/17/11 9:14 A

Girl - veggies all the time! Especially tomatoes and spinach. Aversion was turkey and garlic which I loved before. I'm still having a hard time getting near them. ugh getting sick thinking about it....blech!

Boy - sweets and sour things (I generally hate sour things other than when pg with him.) I never craved sweets before that really much and now this has stuck with me. Darn it! At least I hate sour things again.

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Posts: 159
5/15/11 3:38 P

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This is my first and it is a boy, I crave fish

Posts: 10345
5/10/11 5:21 P

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With all of my boys, especially the first - cheese. Salty and savory. With this last one, Pringles chips. And aversion to apples, tea, coffee, chocolate. Also with all of them I craved beetroot very early on, before I even knew I was prego. And went through a stage of craving oranges/marmalade.

With my first I drank a LOT of fruit frappes but that was because it was ridiculously hot and I was commuting to work. Don't think it was related to pregnancy particularly!

Posts: 6800
5/10/11 4:50 P

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With my first (girl) it was sweets! Pastries, cookies, ice cream, cakes, brownies, I was constantly baking!

With this one (boy) it's anything salty. I'm so surprised I'm not swelling like a balloon, because I'm on a salt overload. Potato chips, crackers, fried chicken, etc. BUT I've been on a HUGE fruit kick this entire pregnancy.

So.. my girl was sweets. My boy is salty foods and fruits.

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Posts: 1978
5/9/11 10:09 P

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Anything I can do to help! Lol

Posts: 3743
5/6/11 7:43 A

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I have a boy, and while I was pregnant, I craved barbecued spare ribs and beef short ribs the entire first 3 months of my pregnancy. I made DH take me to the rib joint at least once a week for ribs for those first 3 months! Then the rest of the pregnancy, I didn't have any cravings. Strange!

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Posts: 677
5/2/11 10:22 A

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I have a girl, and w/ her I craved ice cream-- LOTS AND LOTS of ice cream-- apples, cereal and cherries.

Posts: 10
5/2/11 10:20 A

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i have yet to crave anything. everytime i hear the word food i just want to eat lol. i do however like to eat alot of spicy food and find myself putting hot sauce on everything. i know thats not good so ive calmed down a bit but it's what i like .

Posts: 1600
5/1/11 11:41 P

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OMG- You just gave me a random craving for cherrios and McD's fish burger... lol

Posts: 1978
5/1/11 11:00 P

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With my girls I couldn't even LOOK at Chicken until my 6th month. I still had an aversion to it at night until I got pregnant with the twins. I don't know what my little angels where but from the start I craved BBQ Chicken Legs and Bean Burritos! On that alone I know in my heart they where boys.

My girls on the other hand...Fruit, Honey Nut Cherrios and McDonald's....OH and Ice Cream!

Posts: 63
5/1/11 12:34 P

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Well I wish I could say I craved (and are craving) ice cream, but in reality, I just love it! I think I use my pregnancies as an excuse to over indulge in the creamy goodness!

I never did have any real cravings with my first two, but with this third one I seem to be drawn to fish and seafood (is seafood safe during pregnancy?).

Posts: 1600
5/1/11 1:53 A

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I posted this in June 2011 team when before I knew what I was having! lol
I am having a BOY and have craved celery, cheese, olives and pickles, and spicy food. I hated milk in my first tri (which was sad because I always LOVED milk) but lately I cannot get enough of it! Also new: Beef. (I have always enjoyed meat on occassion but was more of a veggie type)

side note: AVERSIONS: chicken, chicken, garlic and onions, oh and CHICKEN lol.

Posts: 3707
4/28/11 8:53 P

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Fruit- lots and lots of fruit- He was a boy!

and I ate blue cheese- thought I wasnt suppose to. My body wanted it and with my gestational diabetes I finally gave in.

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Posts: 17245
4/28/11 4:52 P

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I just created a post in the Cafe about my favorite new jalapeņo dip. It is made with yogurt and I love it! You should check it out.

With all 3 of mine I craved Taco Bell.

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4/28/11 2:19 P

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I remember red meat with my boys(loved anything bad for you) with my girls I leaned more towards healthier less meat choices. Early u/s with this one says boy and I cannot get enough buffalo sauce. with my 2nd son i loved jalapenos on my nachos and hot dogs but this is crazy...this little one is going to hate me, I swear i could almost drink it out of the bottle!

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