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3 year old with constant green loose stools

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2/13/11 8:19 A

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if it is a allergy you need to take it very serious. My son has a dairy allergy. You need to see a doctor to be sure thou, they will do a skin test. An allergy is a tricky thing, one time he may just get a sore tummy the next his breathing may go and you will have to rush him to the ER. Every where my son goes a epi goes with him, in case he has a bad reaction. All it can take is for something to have traces of dairy. I wouldn't be taking a chance with it if you think it is an allergy, if not just change him over to lactose free products(which wont help if he has an allergy to milk itself). Good news is that if it is a milk allergy most kids grow out of it by 8 or 9 years of age.

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2/12/11 11:09 A

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HAHA! To quote my DD "McDonald's makes us poop!"

My son has always had tummy issues and I have always suspected a dairy allergy. When I tried to give him whole milk at 1 year old he had gross green poop until I cut out the dairy. He drinks almond milk and can tolerate small amounts of yogurt and cheese. When he gets too much he gets gross green poop.

However, he recently had a milk allergy panel done, and all was negative. Go figure.

ETA: Also wanted to say, my kid could set a record with the number of times he poops per day, which can lead to nasty diaper rash. Giving him a daily probiotic has seemed to help with his digestive issues.

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2/7/11 3:48 P

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3 years. LOL

so far today had a solid stool, a semi solid stool and is curently pooping again, he is not done so I am not sure as to the consistancy of it, but he got dairy and Mc'd's yesterday and Mc d's is enough to give anyone the runs

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2/5/11 7:35 P

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depends how long. A regular sickness can last up to 2 weeks and give those symptoms. Mine had same symptoms for almost 2 weeks, I took our all dairy, it cleared up. I ended up keeping him off dairy for a while. Turns out, it was just diahhrea from a virus. totally didn't need to eliminate anything. Should have just waited it out.

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2/4/11 11:04 P

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he gets no iron supplements.
He drinks very little juice.
He is not dehydrated, that I can tell, and is gaining weight fine. always has. But also has and always has had all the hallmarks of a dairy allergy.

I just can't get other members of the family to get rid of the effing dairy fully. If I could disappear for a few weeks I could do it. I am close to having our house mostly void of dairy things.

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2/4/11 11:59 A

Iron supplements turn poop green, so color could be unrelated to cause of diarrhea.

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2/4/11 10:44 A

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In addition to allergy/intolerance, consider this.


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2/4/11 10:01 A

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It sounds like a dairy allergy or lactose intolerance. If this is the case, you need to eliminate all dairy from his diet. It's hidden in all kinds of things. It will take about a week of a dairy-free diet to improve. If that doesn't work, I would consider other food allergies.

I wouldn't be overly concerned unless he is dehydrated or not gaining weight. if the food elimination doesn't solve the problem, I would definitely have him seen.

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