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Question for mom's of boys

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7/21/10 2:40 P

My son doesn't play with himself a whole lot, so he still gets a little freaked out when he gets hard. He's three. He's said before that it hurts (and it's often when he has to pee), but usually he'll just yell out "MOMMY, MY PENIS IS BROKEN!!!!!" very upset. lol I just explain that it's hard and once it goes down it will feel normal and not to worry. I tell him that sometimes it happens when he has to go pee really bad. That seems to help, I have him sit on the toilet and relax, and once he pees, all is well. He doesn't freak out as much any more. I don't think I've heard him tell me that his penis is broken in a while. ;)

And he's not circumcised, and his penis also seems to double in size when he gets hard, so I don't think it necessarily has anything to do with the circumcision. I'm sure it just feels uncomfortable, especially when it coincides when they have to pee. From what I understand, it can be difficult to pee if you're having an erection, so it might possibly hurt if he really has to pee, but can't.

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7/21/10 12:12 P

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It is probably the first time he is experiencing it and it has to be quite a different sensation. My son complained of it "hurting" the first few times but he gets a chubby all the time and it no longer bothers him at all. It was just the first few times he noticed it. We explained what it was and he was fine with it.

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7/21/10 11:54 A

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I have three boys and they all have erections, when they pee or anything is touching them. My youngest usually cries if he has one and I try to put on a diaper. They are just so sensitive.

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7/20/10 4:52 P

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My almost-4yo gets an erection when he has to pee, too. He's been finding it frustrating when he pulls his underpants back up. Complaining that "my willy is pointing the wrong way! It's not comfortable!" Of course, the more he fiddles with it trying to make it comfortable, the worse the situation gets. All I can do is tell him to leave it alone for a minute and see if it goes down on its own!

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7/19/10 10:43 P

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my son is 14 and has never complained of it hurting. If it actually hurts- you should talk to the doc. If he is just saying hurts cause he doesnt know how to explain it- just talk to him, help him find words and that it is a normal thing for a boy to go through.

and my son is circ'd and no issues.

my baby boy- I know when he's going to pee cause it starts to grow. then you better get back or cover. and this is normal behavior for a boys penis when peeing.

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7/18/10 1:51 P

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My son doesn't become erect when he pee's. He is uncirc and pulls and tugs like other posters say.

Maybe he is just saying it hurts bc he has to pee real bad. Or maybe it is kinda hard to pee with a erect penis...I wouldn't know LOL. Ask the hubs :)

Maybe the original and corrective circumcision made the skin to tight for when he has a strong erection.

When we got opinions from urologist if we shld cir they showed us how they would do it and we felt it wld make the skin to tight. So we felt it was unnecessary and left him be as nature intended. Neither urologist said there was any medical or real reason to cut.
Unfortunately in my circle of friends and family just about every cir boy has had issue after issue and surgery after corrective surgery and most still have problems as grown adults.

Hope it is just something not surgical for your son.

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7/18/10 11:16 A

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"Freaked out" is MY general term for uneasiness.

Thinking more about this topic, I realized that when DS was a baby sometimes I noticed during diaper changes that he was getting a bit erect and then PSSSSSSS everywhere! So I learned that if I saw that penis "growing" then I'd better watch out.

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7/18/10 10:56 A

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My cousin just went through something very similar with her 7 year old son. I guess this was the first time he'd had or noticed having a real erection when he woke up. It scared him because he wasn't sure what was going on. He told her it hurt.

After he urinated, all was right with the world again. So she asked him to describe the pain. He told her that it didn't "really hurt" but he didn't know how to describe the sensation he was feeling.

I think it's perfectly normal. Being women and not having a penis, I'm pretty sure we'll never quite understand what that sensation feels like.

If you're still concerned, mention it to the doctor.

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7/18/10 9:10 A

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My almost 3 year old doesn't get an erection because he has to pee but he does end up getting a bit of one while he goes because he likes to fiddle with it before he lets himself pee. He is not circumcised and it doesn't bother him at all. He has been able to fully retract his foreskin for months now. Since your son has had issues with his foreskin before and a circumcision I'm assuming that THAT's the only reason he'd have pain and it sounds like they'll have to fix it again for him. He should definitely be able to be erect without pain. I don't think it's an issue with him being freaked out by it. Most boys are more fascinated by that than freaked out by it.

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7/18/10 8:50 A

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The only time my son ever complained of pain, he was about 5 or 6, and he hadn't cleaned it properly (he is circumsized but wasn't pulling the skin back to clean it right) and it became infected, red and swollen.

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7/17/10 2:45 P

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My older boy is 4, he is not circumsized, and he has never complained of pain during an erection. I would talk to his doctor, pain shouldn't be normal.

Posts: 888
7/17/10 2:11 P

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My boys are 4 and 10, neither are circumsized and they have never had pain during an erection. They do not get erections when they pee either so I am not sure what is going on. I would ask the doc!!

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7/17/10 11:18 A

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My son went through a phase of complaining that his penis hurt when he had an erection and often that coincided with him needing to pee. I don't think it has anything to do with a problem circumcision. I think it's a normal phase of development. I just don't think they quite understand why their penis is doing that. I spent several weeks reassuring my son that it was normal, that sometimes penises just did that (when he would tell me about how big it was), etc. Now he still has erections, but they don't bother him so much.

Definitely talk to your doc if you're concerned, but I think this is normal.


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7/17/10 1:25 A

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I am assuming that all boys have erection when they need to urinate. Recently my almost 4 year old son started complaining that his penis hurts...It looks VERY erect almost like too much (nearly doubles in size) when he has to pee (not every time though)...Last year he had a correctional circumcision...So after looking at his penis today I wonder if they could have screwed up again...What do you think? I will def bring it up on his 4 year check up in 4 weeks...

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