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4 year old complaining of "butt pain"

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7/12/10 9:29 A

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It's good he is feeling better :D

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7/12/10 1:08 A

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I am so glad to hear he is feeling better.

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7/8/10 6:40 P

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Poor kiddo. Glad to hear he's feeling better.

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7/8/10 10:38 A

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Thanks everybody. :) He woke up in a great mood today and seems to be back to normal. He had a big appetite too and says his bum feels better today.

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7/8/10 6:56 A

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Poor little guy! I was going to say constipated, because that's what happens to Brady when he doesn't go for a day or so, he complains his bum hurts, but is better once he goes. But after reading your last post, I'd say more likely to do with the bug he had. Hope he feels better soon!!!

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7/8/10 12:02 A

Ah, poor kiddo, I hope he feels better soon. =(

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7/7/10 10:45 P

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I asked him which area specifically and he couldn't really point to a specific area. He just said his bum hurts. But shortly after this, he actually had a poop accident, which he has never had. So I think this is all related to his stomach bug. After the poop accident, he said his bum didn't hurt anymore and now he's asleep.

I will examine it tomorrow to see if his bum is raw. It probably is after this stomach bug. He's had a crazy day because he woke up with a bloody nose, which is also something he has never had, then complained of pain most of the day and took 2 naps which is also odd. ): So I'll just keep an eye on him tomorrow.

Thanks for the recommendations!

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7/7/10 9:51 P

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My kids have super sensitive bums, sometimes they just get kind of raw, either from moisture or excess wiping. A little vaseline right on the bum does wonderful, if that's what it is. Could also be a crack in the skin?


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7/7/10 4:30 P

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My four year old has been saying that his butt hurts. He had a stomach bug and a fever from about Saturday until yesterday, and today he seemed to have a normal bm. I've been thinking that even with that, he could be constipated since he was sick and it's been about 102 degrees, so it's possible he's not very well hydrated. But usually if he's constipated he complains about his stomach area.

Does anybody have any idea what could be causing his pain? He's also sleeping a lot today. Normally he'll take a nap, but today he's on nap number 2.

I have called the Doctors office and I'm waiting for a response back, but I figured someone might have experienced this before.


Are you wondering if you should breastfeed you baby? Here are 101 reasons to breastfeed.

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