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Red tonsils and white pimple on one side

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5/6/10 7:13 P

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The pimple things on the tonsil can happen with lots of infections - it's a sign that the body's white immune cells are working overtime to fight the infection. Tonsils are actually lymph nodes - local white immune cell base-camps, factories, message centers. Others are the "glands" that we feel as swollen lumps in the back of the neck, armpit and groin sometimes.

Personally, I had mono as a teenager, and my tonsils got covered in white gunk, and now have as many holes as swiss cheese. Those holes fill with whitish stuff (like whiteheads) from time to time if I am fighting a cold or anything. Gross, but a normal immune reaction.

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5/4/10 10:10 P

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I think we just had the same thing, I swore at first I was getting strep..lost my voice and everything..felt horrible..runny nose bad cough ect. DD and DH both had it a good week or two. Hope your LO feels better soon! Id just request him to be seen again, just say he is getting worse and MAKE them do a throat culture for strep. Alot of docs says kids that young don't get DD did at 1.5yrs old. It took me calling in and telling them that I just got a + strep test..DD sat with strep for 5 days cause he swore it was just a virus,then he tested her and gave her meds..I wasn't happy. It was going around bad but they swore kids her age didnt get it really.

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5/3/10 9:27 P

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Jaiden would never let me look in her mouth, but she has tonsillitis and a double ear infection. She was running a fever, but it would go down after giving her medication so I really wasn't too concern. It wasn't till she had a fever of 105 that I took her to the ER. They gave her a shot of penicillin and she is better now, still a bit cranky and not wanting to eat much, but the fevers are gone.

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5/3/10 6:30 P

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Connor is just getting over the same thing. He had it 2 weekends ago so I ended up taking him to the Urgent Care and was told there is a bad viral bug going around that is causing symptoms similiar to Strep throat but without the fever. Connor did end up with sores on his tonsils and in his throat. It was a rough few days.

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5/3/10 10:58 A

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Or it might be Coxsackievirus aka Hand, foot and mouth disease. Sometimes it starts off as a fever...poor appetite..sore throat...etc. Then sores develop in the mouth. I would definately take her to the doctor.


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5/3/10 8:54 A

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tonsilitis makes the white on the tonsils. why not take her to the doctor.

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5/2/10 11:45 P

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My DD is 14 months old and she has been sick for few days now: runny nose, feeling uneasy, some minor redness in one ear, and today she has red throat and whitehead pimple on her tonsil...She has no fever as of yesterday but she refuses to eat much or to drink much...I can't make her gargle...what can I do? and whats up with the whitehead on her tonsil? it looks like she might be getting another pimple on the same side...can't see too well with my

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