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anyone use cumin tea to induce labor?

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11/9/09 11:36 A

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I can't speak to the safety, but I will say if you drink a cup an hour, you will be SICK! If it doesn't give you a stomach ache, it will give you diarrhea. Now, sometimes the irritation of the intestinal tract will stimulate contractions, but if your body's not ready, it won't help.

I'd go for evening primrose oil and acupuncture myself. My acupuncturist had an 80% success rate with inducing labor within 3 days. It worked for me, though of course I was already 4 cm dilated and just wouldn't go into active labor!

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11/9/09 6:46 A

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I don't know about the cumin, but all I know is, at 40 weeks, I scheduled a C-section. That night, drank one cup of straight rasberry leaf tea, and in the middle of the night my water broke and started the my midwives would say it was a coincidence (they said I could drink the tea, and if anything it was good for the uterus). And, before that night, i had no labor symptoms, and I mean none whatsoever. Whatever you do though, I think you should consult your doctor. You can't be too careful.....
Good luck...

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11/8/09 4:24 P

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With DD I was induced on my due date (for stupid reasons, my nurse was an idiot) and if not I probably would have went till 42 weeks. My doctor doesn't think this one is going to be here any time soon either but has agreed to schedule an induction between 39 and 40 weeks so that I can have the baby while my dad is here. My 1st induction was really terrible so I told her that I would rather wait and see if the baby comes on her own however I still really want her to come before my dad has to leave.

I've been looking at natural induction methods and came across cumin tea. However half the websites that I looked at said it was 1 teaspoon cumin to 1 cup water and the other half of the websites said it was 1 tablespoon to 1 cup water. does anyone know the exact measurements? Also all I can find is that you should not drink more than 1 cup per hour. so does this mean that it is safe to drink 20 cups a day as long as you only have one an hour?

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