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Getting Tattooed VS. Giving Birth

Posts: 1764
10/12/09 8:22 P

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Pain wise I'd do either all over again, though I do believe the reward of holding your child is much sweeter. I had a completely drug free birth and also have a tat (fairly big) on my back. During both experiences I was able to get myself into a fairly deep meditative state so that I didn't really feel the pain. In fact, when I went into labor with DD I spent most of the day trying to figure out if I was actually in labor or not. When I finally got to the hospital I was already in transition and walked through most of it. The nurses joked with me afterward that they didn't think I was really in labor (neither did the doc) because I was too calm and happy when I got there. I think birth is a wonderful experience and can't wait until I can do it all again and will go med free with the next one too!!

Of course, I do have to add that I have a super high pain tolerance (had surgery on my neck to remove thyroid cancer last Tuesday and haven't taken pain meds during the day since the day after. I only take them at night to help me sleep).


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Posts: 43
10/12/09 12:50 P

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Pain wise- I would rather get a tattoo. But both turn out with something great! I can't wait to give birth so I can go and get more tattoos! :)

Posts: 9010
10/12/09 12:08 P

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I have had two natural med free births, and they hurt WAY more than getting my tattoo.

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10/12/09 1:19 A

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I realize I am resurrecting an old thread but I thought it was an interesting question.

I enjoy being tattooed. It feels like a pleasant scratch, although it does feel a little intense at times.

I also enjoy giving birth naturally (and I have had medicated births).

It was an exciting and powerful experience. Transition was less fun than getting a tattoo, but the whole experience was really incredible and gave me such pride and faith in my body and my own abilities.

I found the exhilaration of giving birth naturally to be far more physically rewarding than the experience of being tattooed.

I would love to give birth again. :)

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9/25/09 10:02 P

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I'd rather give birth. In the end, the prize is so much better.

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9/25/09 9:51 P

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I havent given birth yet but i would say i would rather get tattooed....Maybe i have a high pain tolerance but I have quite a few tattoos (meaning tons) and I would think the pain of labor would be that out a million to one! But thanx bc some of these posts make me think it wont be as bad as Im expecting...of course that could be my problem is i always think things are goin to hurt way worse than they do. i will stick to thinking that labor is horrible just so i wont go into it and be blindsided haha!!!! i already think that the irritations of being pregnant is way worse than getting tattooed!

Posts: 68
9/25/09 9:14 P

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Based on personal experience, no meds for the first 13 hrs, epi for the last 3, back labor, I'd definitely get my tattoo on my ribs all over again rather than labor. And I was certain my tattoo would be the worst pain I'd ever feel...boy was I wrong.

Posts: 5735
9/23/09 11:19 A

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I had a nartual birth, 2 for that, and i am way to sceard to get a tat.

I remember when i was in labour with DS, and thinking, if i was in the hosptial right now, i would ask for a epi, i did have hosptial births but was only there for 30 mins with DS and 1 hour with DD.

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Posts: 4581
9/23/09 6:47 A

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I had a c/s so i really can't say which hurts more. But in all honesty i would guess that a natural birth would hurt way worse, just by the intense contractions i was having before my c/s. I have 6 tattoos and they barely hurt.

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Posts: 1301
9/22/09 2:38 P

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getting waxed hurts the most the first time, it's not as bad the other times if you keep going, but yeah, that first time is a killer..

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Posts: 19
9/22/09 12:04 A

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There's a pain i forgot about... getting WAXED! oh god your a trooper.... that's something i never want to experience again... i don't know, maybe I'm just a wimp when it comes to pain... i guess in a pinch i can take it, but i sure don't like it. Still i think id take giving birth over a tattoo... but the one post was right... in the end, giving birth gave the greatest reward (even though i have a sweet tattoo artist)

Posts: 982
9/21/09 3:15 P

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I've never had a tat but I want one really bad. I have been told by more than one person that if I can have a baby I can get a tat. So I don't know which pain is worse. :) This post helps tho. LOL

Posts: 1301
9/21/09 2:44 P

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I have 4 tats, but I'll have to wait until April to let you know which was easier. I'm guessing the tats. :)

Sasha at 21 months.
Posts: 439
9/21/09 1:10 P

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I only have 3 tatts, and the smallest one took 2's a pleasurable pain (does that make sense?) When I got my 2nd one, I said "wow! I forgot about the pain!" Had I remembered, I may not have gotten another, but I love them all and want many more! (I also enjoy getting waxed!) My first delivery was an emergency C-Section, my 2nd was 8 weeks early, but still had a big head! Now #3 is coming soon...I can't say which I would choose because the pain is so different PLUS, I'm NEVER getting a tatt on my cooch !!

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Posts: 13163
9/21/09 10:25 A

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I never been tattoed.. but i been through natural labor with no pain meds, i do know that if tats felt like that id never get one lol. My last 4hrs were terrible but my first 14hrs werent that bad,very doable. BUT i had some i wonder if no induced natural isnt as painful.

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Posts: 2647
9/21/09 10:15 A

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Both are totally doable as long as they don't last too long. I am ok with tattoo pain for about an hour tops, then it's like WHEN WILL THIS END?!!! Same with childbirth. It was totally doable up until I'd say 40 hours (I was induced so it was contractions non stop for pretty much the whole 40 hours, then got the epi for the last 9 hours). I think there's just so much of ANY kind of pain you can tolerate until you are desperate for it to end.
If I were to pick one over the other, I'd rather have tattoo pain.

Posts: 10248
9/21/09 9:06 A

I can't speak for natural childbirth (yet) but I would prefer to give birth than get tattoos.

The pain of childbirth is definitely worse - but the ending is much more sweet!

BabyFit Community Team
Posts: 3080
9/21/09 8:19 A

OMG I would take 100 tattoos over contractions LOL. I got the epi, so never made it to what the pain would be of pushing him out... tattoos are like tickles compared to labour (for me anyway)everyone is different though, some say the pain is totally managable :)

Posts: 19
9/21/09 1:25 A

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this may be your opinion. However, the question is really, what others think of tattooing vs. child birth.... but thanks regardless?

(PS: my story did not include the contractions i felt BEFORE arriving at the hospital, and was merely to point out the idea that child birth is a manageable pain thanks to modern medicine, and the ancient art of tattooing that really hasn't changed much since the advent of the electric engraving machine of the late 1800's which offers no pain management except mind over matter in the 6th or 7th hour of constant tattooing and subsequent rubbing clean of a full sleeve portrait) that is in my opinion...

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Posts: 2442
9/20/09 11:33 P

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If you are so doped up on morphine you can't feel the pain of childbirth I don't think that counts. You haven't experienced the pain of childbirth. There is nothing in the world like intense contrations one on top of the other, never stopping after hours on end.

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