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Shoveling snow

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12/28/08 11:46 A

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Shoveling snow is fine for some pregnant women, but I would caution that if you don't pay close attention to your lifting form, or have any back problems you may cause back injury. There are shovels available that don't require as much lifting, so you may want to check those out.

If the snow is wet and heavy you should have someone else shovel. If you have some nice neighbors you may be able to get them to snowblow or shovel for you!

If you do shovel take your time, bend from your knees not your back as you lift the shovel, and take little scoops of snow. Face the area you're throwing the snow instead of twisting to the side, and if possible, push the snow as far as you can before lifting.
Here's a link to information on using an ergonomic snow shovel (you can buy them at your local hardware store).


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12/26/08 10:29 P

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I had to shovel it while 4 months pregnant because my DH hurt his leg at work and I was more worried about our neighbors thinking he was a horrible man. LOL! You just have to pace yourself and take it slow and easy, but it's not dangerous to you while pregnant.

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12/23/08 2:02 P

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If shoveling snow is bad then I guess moving bedroom furniture around at 7 months pregnant is bad. My DH is overseas so I have to do a lot for myself. Like I tell people I am pregnant not disabled. I know my boundries and I am sure every other woman out there does to. If I feel like I am doing to much I will leave it half finished and rest for as long as I want.

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12/23/08 1:17 P

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I have been doing it too, I'm not too worried. Last time when I was pregnant I was 7 months along and shoveling snow caused my stomach to get crampy...but since I'm only 18 weeks, I'm not too concerned.

Just take it easy and don't overdue yourself.

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12/23/08 9:14 A

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I actually like shoveling!lol Even if my dh is home I'll go outside and do it, it gives me a quick break from the kids and like the pp's said a great workout. I was 8-9 months pregnant with my dd and outside shoveling, my neighbors must have thought my dh was lazy bum!!! I wouldn't worry, just take it easy and don't lift more then you can at one time.

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12/22/08 7:58 P

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Oh ya you'll be just fine! I live where there is lots of snow during the winter and shoveled snow lots of times while preggo, like the pp said Great workout!

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12/22/08 7:15 P

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You're fine. I had to do it myself yesterday, since DH is out of town. It's a good work out!

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12/22/08 6:13 P

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I think it's fine; as long as you didn't fall on your belly or hurt it in anyway, it's ok. I cleaned our bathroom one time while I was pregnant and afterwards I started freaking out that the chemicals hurt the baby. I took myself to the emergency room and everything was ok. I was just being a paranoid pregnant lady lol

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