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Stopping birth control mid-cycle

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11/12/08 11:46 A

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With my pack i ended up messing it up..and stopping mid way through. I spotted literly once...then the next month came and i got the most awful heavy bleeding and big clots. SO its probably your system messed up with the BC stop and change. Watch for the next period and see how it is, my period lasted 8 days when it did that. Usually is lasts 3 days and isnt crazy heavy.

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11/12/08 7:45 A

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I think with the lack of BC in your system that your cycles will be a little out of whack. Its likely its your body's hormones adjusting. Any time you stop in mid cycle you will bleed in a few days. I was on the nuva ring for about 2 years. My periods were very light, after stopping the ring I've now noticed my periods are more heavier than normal. I think your fine. If your still feeling like something is wrong call again.
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11/11/08 6:58 P

Looking for the experiences of others who may have had this happen to them.

Almost 2 weeks ago, I had my period. Last Sunday (the day after my period ended), I started the NuvaRing for birth control. Prior to that I hadn't been using anything hormonal because I was nursing. Anyway, I started the NR on Sunday and it kept sliding down (coming close to falling out but not actually falling out). By Thursday I had enough, so I called my OB. They told me to take it out immediately, wait through to my next period, and then start new BC next month. The nurse warned me I might have "some spotting".

I didn't think much of it. I have been told before I might have spotting (for other reasons) and it has never really happened to me.

So Thursday-Saturday there were no problems. Sunday I started spotting and had light menstrual cramps. I am now apparently having a full blown period. I am bloated and am actually bleeding a little heavier than I usually do during my period, including some small clots. (This is the 2nd day like this.) I feel fine, other than that it seems I have forced my body to have 2 periods with only a week in between.

Does this seem way outside the norm? I feel bad about calling my OBGYN's nurse again as this will be my 3rd call in 2 weeks. I didn't even talk to them that much when I was pregnant!

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