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Middle names for Logan

Posts: 21
10/16/08 7:17 A

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Logan David

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Posts: 2647
10/16/08 7:07 A

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Logan is my maiden name so my suggestions are male family member's names in reverse.

Logan Micheal
Logan Garrett
Logan Francis

Logan is a Scottish last name so you could check out Scottish baby name lists on the internet for some that would compliment it.

Posts: 3207
10/16/08 5:10 A

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Mine is Logan Scott.

BabyFit Community Team
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Posts: 136
10/15/08 8:16 A

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Logan Dane Thomas

Me: 39
DH: 44

Posts: 261
10/14/08 9:48 P

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My 7 year old sons name is Logan Alexander Maxwell ________ .

and his initial spell: LAMB soo cute!!

Edited by: WEEWEE3 at: 10/18/2008 (01:17)

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Posts: 2714
10/13/08 2:40 P

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I'm partial to Logan Patrick but then again, that's what my Lo's name is!

BabyFit Community Team

Logan Patrick
Born: Aug 27, 2006 6:35pm
7lbs 2oz 19 inches

Logan is now 3! My sweet boy!

#2 Niamh Aubrey
8lbs 13oz

Posts: 2021
10/13/08 2:33 P

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Logan Mason Thomas

BabyFit Community Team
Baby Boy!

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Posts: 167
10/13/08 2:16 P

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I have a cousin named Logan and his middle name is Cade.

Logan Cade Thomas

Madelyn Grace 1/11/07
6 lbs 9 oz
19 3/4"

5 months- 16 lbs 8 oz. 25 1/5"
6 months- 19 lbs 9 oz. 27"
8 months- 23 lbs
1 yr- 28 lbs 4 oz 31 1/2"
15 mo 29 lbs 4 oz 32"

Posts: 3788
10/13/08 10:48 A

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I'm also naming my son Logan
We went with Logan Christopher.
Christopher is my late grandfathers name.
Love that name! I know it's popular but love the name so much.
I also like Logan Alexander...

Posts: 23
10/13/08 10:44 A

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Posts: 13224
10/13/08 10:43 A

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Thanks for all the ideas ladies!!

Katie, that is too funny that you have a friend with a Micah and a Logan!

I'm still not sure what we'll go with, although DH has told me that he wants it to be James. But it's MY choice since he picked the first name! :)

BabyFit Community Team
*Abigail Rose - 8/15/05
Born to Heaven @ 21 weeks
*Micah David - 9/27/06
6lbs 8oz & 21 inches long
*Logan Alexander - 11/16/08
9lbs 10 oz & 21.5 inches long

Briar Elliot
7lbs 11oz & 2

Posts: 7840
10/12/08 10:52 A

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What about your maiden name, or a family name that would fit. We went with family names for Reilly because we really wanted to keep a sentimental thought in naming her. Reilly is DH's gma's maiden name and Anna is after my gma. Hope you can come up with a good one. I know it is so hard. But, it will come to you.

BabyFit Community Team
Reilly Anna was born 11/15/05
8 lbs 10 oz, 20 inches
m/c January 2002
m/c July 2002
m/c March 2008
m/c August 2009

Posts: 7972
10/12/08 7:47 A

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BabyFit Community Team
Posts: 304
10/11/08 11:16 P

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Logan Dominic
Logan Travis
Logan cameron
Logan Karter
Logan Bradley

Posts: 6297
10/11/08 9:15 P

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My son's name is Logan Daniel. Daniel is my husband's name.

I had no idea Logan was so popular when we picked it out. Now we have friends who also have a son not only named Logan, but he's Logan Daniel, too!! LOL (we met them after my son was born).

BabyFit Community Team

EDD 1/25/2007
It's a boy!! Logan Daniel. He was born Jan. 13 at 1:48 am. 7lbs 9oz, 20.5 in.

EDD #2 Apr. 25-ish, 2010
It's a Boy Or a Girl!!! (we're not finding out...;-))
Our Baby Girl, Ella Irena was born April 22 @ 1:02pm.

Posts: 7673
10/11/08 8:59 P

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I have a friend who has a Logan Andrew. I like it!

Jack - 11.15.07 (6lb 1oz)
Madelyn - 1.5.11 (8lb 2oz)

Posts: 609
10/11/08 8:09 P

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I actually have a friend who has 2 sons, one named Micah, and one named Logan! Small world! Anyway, her Logan's middle name is Reese, if that helps at all!

Call me Katie

Dylan Brandon
Dec. 17th, 2008
7 lbs. 11 oz., 21 in.

Posts: 220
10/11/08 7:06 P

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How about Logan Scott Thomas?

Posts: 601
10/11/08 3:38 P

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ZBABY1N2's Photo
I've always loved the name Zarek.

Logan Zarek Thomas (?)

Of course it depends on how traditional you are trying to go too. How about Grandpa's names? Have you mixed those in?

Posts: 179
10/11/08 3:18 P

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What is your husbands name?? You can use that. My son's name is Logan as well and his middle name is Aaron, the same as my husbands middle name. We were going to name him Logan Thomas but have 2 friends/neighbors with the same exact name. I have always liked the name Logan since I was way little so I wasn't not going to use that name. I think that Ryan would work for you too.

Posts: 2435
10/11/08 11:06 A

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Logan Michael Thomas
Logan Christopher Thomas
Logan John Thomas
Logan Patrick Thomas

"Never make someone a priority that only considers you an option."

Proud momma to three boys! Dylan Presley, 9 years, Ryan James, 2.5 years and Brendan Avery, born 4/30/09.

Posts: 13224
10/11/08 10:59 A

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I am tired of fighting my husband on names so I guess he wins. I wanted something that wasn't popular, and my husband chooses the THIRD most popular boy name in Iowa. BUT I GET TO PICK THE MIDDLE NAME! Help me out ladies, what are some good middle names to go with Logan. Our last name is Thomas.

Logan ____ Thomas

BabyFit Community Team
*Abigail Rose - 8/15/05
Born to Heaven @ 21 weeks
*Micah David - 9/27/06
6lbs 8oz & 21 inches long
*Logan Alexander - 11/16/08
9lbs 10 oz & 21.5 inches long

Briar Elliot
7lbs 11oz & 2

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