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5/13/08 4:49 P

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Yes we were told at 12 weeks that we had a boy and confirmed it at 16 weeks. Mistakes can be made really early but it is kind of hard to miss the boy parts if they are there.

Good Luck

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5/13/08 2:52 P

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YES I knew all mine were boys at 12 weeks!


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5/13/08 2:35 P

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the earliest of people that i personally know was 16 weeks.

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5/13/08 11:39 A

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I agree that it depends on the machine... but it depends more on the tech doing the u/s. A good one with years of experience can see things that newer techs don't. Like a previous posted said, for a girl, it is not just lack of boy parts. there are things int eh girls body they can see with a good clear image. Often though at 12-15ish weekd the LO is moving alot, and it's hard to zero in on the small things to look for. Not saying they won't be able to tell, but I wouldn't count on it beign exactly accurate either. With my now 5 yr old, I had one tech who said girl at about 14 weeks. At 18 weeks I went on to have a level 2 u/s with a specialist at the childrens hospital (to rule out hereditary birth defects) and THAT tech said girl. We also then had 2-3 more u/s where no boy parts were seen, but neither were there any girl parts internally seen, they just assumed they couldn't get a clear view of her internal organs. Imagine our surprise when at 38 weeks (the day before I delivered) I had an u/s because Jake wasn't moving during the non-stress test and at THAT u/s he was definately ALL BOY.

ANyway... the point of my story is that no matter what, you are going to end up with the child God designed just for you, whether it is boy or girl... and I wouldn't count chickens before they are hatched unless you have an amnio done LOL Not saying that there aren't certain cercumstances where you CAN'T tell... you obviously can. But if htey don't get that perfect head on position to see, don't assume.

Another scenerio... your baby won't co-operate and will never let you see. My 9 yr old Meghan never had a clear shot (I had 4 u/s with her) and they were never able to tell til we were in a car accident at 36 weeks.... during that u/s she did a sommersault and flipped, showing us a clear view she was girl LOL. But during all three of the other u/s's she had her legs crossed and never let anyone see.

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5/13/08 10:35 A

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I found out I was having a boy at 19 weeks.

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5/13/08 10:23 A

I was told at 12 weeks I was having a boy. I will never forget it. The doctor said "Well if I was a bettin' man, I'd bet that's a tallywacker." I about fell out. Not that I was having a "boy" but the way he put it! LOL Anyway - I had a good thing he's not a "bettin' man"! :)

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5/13/08 9:45 A

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What's is amazing, that some don't realize, when you are having a girl, it's not just a "lack of parts" being seen on the machine, or the external girl parts, but they actually see ovaries. Simply amazing!

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5/13/08 9:44 A

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i found out i was having a girl at 15 weeks. i have had 3 ultrasounds since then and she is still a girl!

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5/13/08 9:23 A

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Sometimes they can tell you what they think..but i wouldnt go by it. At that far along they told my friend she was having a girl..maybe..and at her 20wk u/s she was for sure having a boy! At birth..a boy. She got soo excited and went out and bought some girl clothes..ended up giving them away for shower gifts. Most techs wont tell you anything.

You only got a month..hang in there! Good luck!

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5/13/08 9:15 A

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mine was at 18 weeks to rule out abnormalities and determine the sex... i had one at 14 weeks and they said they wouldnt guess at the sex at that point cause they can often be wrong at that stage... the cord is often mistaken for boy parts, esp that early.

an amnio or cvs would be able to tell but you wouldnt want that unless you needed it cause its invasive... just be patient and you will find out in a few weeks

good luck

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5/13/08 9:14 A

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I do think they can tell that early but to err on the safe side the do say to wait until the 20th week mark. We did wait until 19 weeks to find out we were having a boy.

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5/13/08 9:03 A

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The parts are there at 14 weeks, but not always easy to see. Obviously there are some exceptions, but I would wait to avoid having to have more ultrasounds than necessary in case they can't tell. It can be hard to wait, for sure!! Mine was at 19 weeks.

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5/13/08 8:13 A

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I went with a co-worker to her first ultrasound at 13 weeks and you could see she was DEFINATELY having a boy!!!

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5/13/08 8:04 A

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With a good u/s machine, you can tell as early as 12 weeks. We saw boy parts at 12 weeks 5 days.

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5/13/08 7:47 A

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The nurse in my OB's office scheduled my ultrasound and 14 weeks, but when I went to get it she rescheduled me cause she said it was to early. So now its for May 30 and I will be 18 weeks. With DS I got my ultrasound at 16 weeks and they were able to tell, I don't think you can tell at 14 weeks.

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5/13/08 7:43 A

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Not usually, around 20 weeks is typically the earliest.

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