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free tummytuck after 2 or more c-sections?

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5/16/07 11:06 P

Every province is different in what they cover, so if you contact your provincial health care provider, someone there should be able to answer your questions about what is covered.

I heard that this was covered in Alberta, but all my research didn't turn up any confirmation of free tummy tuck with 2 or more c-sections.

I remember seeing an American woman post on BabyFit that her insurance (of course, all private) was going to cover a surgery to remove excess scar tissue so she could have more than 3 babies by c-section. I think that if your doctor recommends it for a MEDICAL reason, then probably your provincial health care would cover it. I'm not a doctor, but I can't think of an instance where this would be the case...

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5/12/07 1:40 P

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I was told lastnight that you are covered to get a tummy tuck if you have had a c-section. This came from a nurse. I am from Sask so I dont know if that applies elsewhere.

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4/30/07 10:50 P

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Oh I still have that bump...I hate it...I run and do lots of ab's low enough that it's not a real issue but still I want my old tummy back.

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4/27/07 1:16 P

hi one more thing re the tummy tuck question.....I should clarify that I am concerened about the fleshy bump above my incision that just won't go away. I excersise regularly and constantly watch my diet but I see little result in that area. The surgery would be a last resort. My surgery ? remains the same but I would also like to ask has anyone had success losing that fleshy bump with a certain type of exercise? Please let me know:)

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4/27/07 11:33 A

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I have a doctors appointment soon I could ask my doctor...interesting.

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4/25/07 8:24 P

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that's an interesting question actually.

I never would have thought of it, but a friend of mine, after her second C-section asked her OB about having a tummy tuck done if she delivered a 3rd by C-section.

Here's what she was told:
If you have delivered by C-section more than once, and are absolutely NOT going to have any more kids, AND if there are no complications during the C-section - some Drs will allow you to make arrangements to have a tuck done after your delivery.

Of course some delivery Drs won't agree to it, but some will.

I don't think you'd get a tuck free of charge though...

But who knows!

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4/25/07 5:39 P

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EDITED TO READ: My message apparently offended some to the point that they not only felt the need to e-mail me privately, but they also felt the need to have BabyFit staff e-mail me.

I deleted the message in the hopes that I would not be harassed further.

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4/25/07 5:37 P

I have heard that in Canada the health system will pay for your tummy tuck if you have had 2 or more sections and if your doctor refers you. Is there any truth to this, please let me know if anyone has heard of this.

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