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8 mo old baby fell from crib

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2/26/07 2:20 P

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Oh I'm so glad he's alright. Falls with the little ones can be pretty scarey.When my daughter was six weeks old I was nursing her in the middle of the night and I fell asleep. She unlatched and rolled right off the side of the bed. It was a pretty high bed - about 3 feet off the floor so I was like crazy panicking - the carpeting was very cushiony, but I still was worried until she went in to see the doctor. I apologized to her over and over again and made sure If I nursed her in the night that I went and layed on a blanket on the floor with her so I wouldn't risk her falling again.

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2/26/07 11:02 A

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How scary!! Im glad to hear all is well!

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2/26/07 10:12 A

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Oh I am so sorry that happened, I know how it feels but rest assured, he will be fine, they are deffinately much tougher than us :)

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2/26/07 10:04 A

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My son stood up in the cart at the store and fell out on his face while I had my back turned for a second. I felt so terrible and thought for sure that he had really hurt himself. Luckily he was fine and yours will be too. You are doing a good job of looking out for signs. My pedi told me that if they fall and do not throw up or go to sleep then they are most likely fine.

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2/22/07 1:44 P

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I'm so sorry to hear about your LO's accident! It is very scary when that happens. We had our first major accident when Bobby was 10 months old. He fell off the examining table at the doctor's office and hit his head on the floor. I know how scared you must be, I replayed the accident over and over and was just a mess about it.
It is so much better to be safe than sorry and bring him in to the doctor for a quick exam.
We were lucky (I guess) that our accident was in front of his pediatrician, so he was checked right away.
I hope everything is ok, but I agree with the PP about the vomiting being something to follow up on.

Was the crib not latched all the way, or do you think it was possibly a defect?

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2/22/07 1:39 P

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Oh I'm sorry that happened and it must have been scary. I didn't know cribs could even come with doors!
It's good you're taking him to the dr. but typically kids are pretty resilient.
I hope everything is fine and I hope you do something with that door so it cannot happen again.
Good luck just remember accidents happen but kids usually bounce back just fine!

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2/22/07 1:38 P

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I think you are doing everything you should be!!!! And it's normal to be nervous! The only thing that concerns me is the vomiting this morning. Definitely make an appointment with the doctor, if for nothing else, just to ease your mind. Little kids are tough, if this is the worst thing that happens to him, you'll be very lucky!

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2/22/07 1:20 P

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He was in the crib playing and shaking the door, suddenly I heard a crash...there he was at my feet...SCREAMING. (Apparently he unbolted the crib door)

DH put some ice on his head and hugged him, he calmed down. Later when we driving he was a little fussy but he started playing with much energy later in the evening.

I was feeding him some formula on my way to his nanny this morning, he was in his carseat. He vomitted up some of it.

I will be watching him to see if there are any symptoms of any thing serious.....i AM STILL FEELING SCARED. I will be taking him to the doc later.

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