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11 weeks pregnant and bleeding!

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1/16/07 10:31 P

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Hooray! Now take it easy. I hope the rest of your pregnancy is uneventful!

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1/16/07 9:46 P

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So I went to the doctor today and she checked for the baby's heartbeat and it was there loud and clear. Phew! My cervix was totally closed, which was also good. She said there was some retraction (I think that's what she said?) on my cervix, which basically meant it was sort of rough and irritated.
So I'm getting an ultrasound next week just to check on things, but everything looks good and the bleeding has gone down to spotting so I'm feeling very relieved!

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1/16/07 2:16 P

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Thanks for all your well wishes!
I have an appointment this afternoon at 2:15, I'll let you know how it went.

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1/16/07 12:36 P

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How are you today? Hope everything is going well- please know we are thinking of you!


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1/15/07 7:42 P

I hope everything is fine and you're pregnancy goes wonderfully :)

Let us know how everything goes!

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1/15/07 7:41 P

I've been told that if there's blood or amniotic fluid loss at ANY time, to be seen immediately.

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1/15/07 6:36 P

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i also had bleeding (bright red) at 11 weeks. when i called my DR he told me to go to the ER right then. but a PP was right--that early there is nothing really they can do to stop a MC.

everything turned out all right for me--they never really could figure out why i was bleeding.

if your DR will not see you, go to the ER--just if nothing else for your peice of mind. most hospitals will see you in the ER and do an ultrasound to see where the bleeding is coming from.

good luck and i hope all is well with you and baby!

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1/15/07 5:15 P

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I would call your doc and ask to be seen. However, please know that if something were to go wrong in the first tri, there's not much that can be done medically to prevent it. I think that's why she's so 'casual' about it. Sad to say, but it's true.

Since you did see brown blood, there may not be anything wrong. I think brown blood = old blood. I had a m/c at 11 weeks. I called the doc on a Thursday evening, and they had me in for an u/s the next day. Since you asked if we had a similar experience, I will tell you that my u/s revaled a blighted ovum and I ended up miscarrying two days after the spotting. I got pg again the next month and went on to carry a baby to full term with no complications and am now pregnant with my second.

I'm hoping all is well with you. Pregnancy is such a stressful time. Relax this evening, maybe take a bath or read a book to take your mind off things.

Good luck and keep us posted.

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1/15/07 4:39 P

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I am a little distressed and was wondering if anyone had had a similar experience to this. Last night I started feeling what felt like really horrendous gas and bloating. About 15 minutes later I started bleeding somewhat heavily. I called my doctor and she said that because I had had a healthy ultrasound at 7 weeks it was very uncommon for anything to go wrong at this point and to rest and give her a call again on Tuesday.
I still feel a little gassy, but the bleeding has lightened up a bit and has turned from a bright red to more of a brownish (sorry if that's tmi!) Basically I'm just driving myself crazy trying to relax and not worry and just waiting for tomorrow to get here.
Has this happened to anyone else?

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