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Public assistance during maternity leave

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10/27/06 9:35 A

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Thanks we are trying so hard to get all the bills caught up in Oct. and Nov so that if things fall behind a bit in Jan. Feb. we can recover when I get back to work. If I could just get my hands on just a cool $3000 things would be great! (hee hee hee). Really though, I am not a very extravagant person but I really just need to get caught up and then we will be fine. I will check into the comp thing because every little bit does help. Thanks!

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10/26/06 5:26 P

Another thing that you can look into is Workers Comp. Go onto the website for Workers Comp for the state of Georgia and see if there is any possiblity of being eligible to receive any assistance. I am looking into this in New York...the checks are VERY small, but - hey - it's better than nothing at all and lasts for 6 weeks, starting once the baby has been born.

You'll just need to let them know that you are receiving no compensation for maternity leave.

Give it a try!!

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10/2/06 5:31 P

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I have been trying to approve for food stamps for 2 months...they seem to procrastinate ALOT! It's frustrating me so much! They seem like they just don't care over there or they know if I go thru enough drama with them I will quit! No sir-ey!

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10/2/06 12:22 P

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i plan on using public assistance as well. i think my job offers STD (i have to call our benefits company) but i know that i will qualify for public assistance. just make sure that you bring a letter from your job, a copy of your bills and a copy of your lease.

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9/21/06 12:29 P

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good to know

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9/21/06 12:22 P

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Yes you can. WHile I was out on leave I was about to get food stamps which was a huge help seeing that my STD was only 65%.......

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9/13/06 4:53 P

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yes definately you can get assistance. you need a letter from your work on letter head that states you are working 0 hours and cannot return to work for 8 weeks. also you need a copy of your utility bills, your car payment, your hospital bills, and you need a copy of your lease. i dont know if you can get stamps or not if your hubby makes to much. but if he doesnt and your bills exceed your monthly income when you are out then you will qualify

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9/13/06 10:00 A

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I was just wondering....Does anyone know if I can get food stamps or other public assistance while I'm on maternity leave. I am a teacher and where I live, it's 6 weeks with no pay unless you have short term disability. Well, the short term disability that I have does not kick in until after 30 days...(always a loophole huh) and I was just wondering if my precious government could step in and assist me. I live in Georgia and was wondering if there is like temporary aid or something availible. I feel like it's only right. I'm going back to work after about 8 weeks but my husband and I cannot live off of just one income. We have way too many bills already. So some help would be appreciated. Anyonw know about this?

God hears our prayers...even when they are silent.

Alainah Katherine-Marie
Born healthy and happy 12/1/06
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