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scrapping of the membrane/ induce labor?

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7/12/06 8:29 A

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The stripping of the membranes may start labor--many times it doesn't. It will probably give you contractions but before you race to the hospital give it time and make sure it is labor and not false labor.

The cream is called prostaglandin gel and that is a form of induciton where you will be admitted to the unit and gel inserted by cervix,they will monitor and may use other methods as well to help put you into labor.

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7/12/06 8:20 A

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Hi there,

I had this done with my 1st child and didn't really know what it was at the time. It was very painful and I lost my mucous plug as well as had irregular contractions for a day, but the little guy still didn't come....

Honestly, I was pretty upset with the OB who did the procedure, as he didn't fully explain it and had I had a choice, I probably would not have done it. To this day, I still have a hard time and avoid seeing him.

As it turned out for me I had to be induced anyway AND even after the induction, I had to have a c-section for failure to progress. My not-so-little guy weighed 10lbs!!!

Good luck...


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7/11/06 4:20 P

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It is a form of induction but not the typical one you hear of, actually more like coaxing your body. It is actually not supposed to work if your body isn't ready.The risks include, breaking your water prematurely (they lift the water bag off your cervix in the process), introducing bacteria (especially GBS) and of course going into labor before your body actually wants to (although this one isn't supposed to do that, it can and has happened). You can say no if you aren't wanting it done.

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7/11/06 3:50 P

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No, it is not the same thing as inducing labor. They did that to me and I had very strong, very painful false contractions that night that sent me to the hospital on a false alarm. I've learned more about it since then and will not let them do it again the next time.

The did end up *actually* inducing me three days later -- with a drug called pitosin (sp?) that they hook up to you in an IV. That will make your labor start no question -- the baby came 8 hours later.


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7/11/06 3:36 P

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Is scrapping of the membrane the same as inducing labor? I am confused because my doctor said that after they scrape the membrane that most women go into labor within 48 hours. Now is that something that they do to induce labor? Is it the same? I have heard something about a cream that they put on you to induce labor? Is this something they do after the scrapping? I am really confused. If anyone understands what I am trying to say will you please HELP!!!
Thank you,

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