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How much does the average stroller weigh?

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3/30/05 1:03 P

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Hee! Hee!

I wanted a very lightweight stroller because I am a go-go type person. I couldn't believe how big, bulky and HEAVEY the combination strollers are that my family and friends have used. Some of them weigh 20 lbs!!

I registered with my SIL and two nieces (4yr&2yr) just before Christmas. SIL went to get my list from the car and to buy & hide a couple sneak christmas gifts. While she did that the girls and I did a consumer reports sort of evaluation on all the strollers.

I already received the Safety 1st Avila LiteRider Resort Stroller - 01900RSO that weighs only 10 lbs!! It's $39.99 at Target. Has 3 point safety harness and 3 cup holders with big basket. One hand fold down. Also it stays on it's wheels when folded so it won't get dirty before I put it in the car.

I am also registered for a Snap 'N Go - Infant Car Seat Carrier that is similar only it has no seat so you can attach the car seat right on it. It's $49.99 at Babies-R-Us but I've seen it elsewhere for lower prices. I guess it's only needed until the baby is about 22 lbs and/or can hold it's head up. I've seen it in use and the moms say it's great because you don't have to wake the baby.

So the 15 lb one you were looking at is in the middle. Everyone has different needs and concerns so if it does what you want go for it!

Best of Luck to you on finding just the right stroller for you.

Blessings & Smiles! Janet

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Hugs & Smiles! Janet
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3/30/05 12:04 P

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Even the lightest stroller will weigh a ton after you pack on all the baby 'essentials' and spend hours shopping with a fussy child.

Actually, I go for steering capability before weight. Most clothing stores have narrow aisles and sharp corners these days.

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My Three Angels


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3/30/05 11:53 A

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That is very light for a stroller. My jogging stroller weights about that much; however my "big shopping" stroller weights close to 40lbs and is pretty heavy, but it is very safe for babies and is well built so I'm hoping it will last for all my kids.


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3/30/05 11:38 A

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My graco one is yours sounds light! I can't remember how much my jogger weighs.

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3/30/05 11:08 A

First time maybe someone can shed some light. How much do stroller's weigh? So many people are saying don't get a stroller the weighs to much, you'll hurt your back...I found one that looks really nice and cute, it's a Kate Spade and it weighs 15.7oz, Is that to much??? Please help!

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