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Rough Sex during pregnancy

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7/5/06 10:52 A

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I agree with everyone else just go with what your body tells you but I would really be careful in your early weeks and months of pregnancy. Also ask your DOC everyone on here is different all we can do is give advice but your Doc can check you out and tell you for sure.

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7/4/06 10:07 A

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For most women sex during pregnancy is fine. There are, however, some women who have medical issues that do not allow for it. The best person to give you advice as to whether or not you are being too rough is your medical provider. I know this is an embarassing subject to bring up, but they would rather have you ask them than jeapordize the health of you or your baby. As a few other posters suggested, once you are given the go ahead listen to your body. Your medical provider can give you things to look out for, such as bleeding or cramping. If something doesn't work, try something else.

This is one topic that I *Don't* suggest googling. I did it a couple of times and have a pretty open view of the world. Some of the links made me squeamish. There are however very tasteful books out there for sex during pregnancy. I would suggest going to and checking them out. (I don't know if the local library would carry something like this.)

To all members, remember this is an open site. While this is an important and appropriate topic remember that anybody can read what you post.

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7/3/06 9:41 P

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with my first child, my partner and I had semi-rough sex. i couldnt take him on top cuz it hurt but from behind was ok. So what i am sayin is this, try different things if what you are used to hurts. you may find that you like it the new way better anyways. Just stop if it hurts.

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7/3/06 9:02 P

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i'd say your body will let you know when you need to take it easy, things that you guys are used to doing may hurt now and i would take it easy when there is pain. but it is only temporary and then you guys can get back to the way things were!!

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7/2/06 8:31 A

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You really do need to be a little more careful, as it may hurt probably you at this early stage as your body will be changing and things down there get a little more sensitive, with the increased blood supply to the area.
I can't really comment only to say let your body tell you, if it hurts dont do it.

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7/1/06 10:50 P

I'm 21 years old and I know that I'm barely 8 weeks pregnant but I get really freaked out about having sex with my husband especially because we're so used to having rough sex that now I just wonder if I might hurt myself or the baby. Is it safe to have sex like we regularly do or should I be more careful and do it slower and gentle? Some people say to take it easy others say it won't affect my pregnancy. I'm confused can someone give me advice? Thanx

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