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Gold is making my fingers turn black!!!

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3/7/05 9:38 A

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When I was younger and would have my periods, my fingers would turn a dark gray and my mom always told me that it was because my iron was low. You lose a lot of iron through your blood. So basically, yes, it is because of the chemical and hormonal changes your body is going through. I just thought I'd put in my two cents. Good luck to everyone with your pregnancies.

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3/7/05 1:11 A

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Thank you for the advice! It's so reassuring to know that I'm not the only one. I was starting to wonder if my husband had really gotten my rings out of a quarter machine too! My diet actually has been more acidic than normal, with all the OJ and what not. I'll try to balance it out more. Thanks Trish! If men are more acidic, I wonder if the fact that I'm having a boy factors in at all. Probably not, but interesting regardless!

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3/5/05 3:38 P

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(Everytime I read the thread title, I thought it said "God", lol) D is right though, it's due to the acidity in your body. Try to eat things that are more alkaline, and it should balance you out better. My grandfather has that happen to his skin all the time. That's how he tests if it's really gold or not, lol. Men are typically more acidic, where woman are more alkaline. Be careful though, to not eat too many acidic things, because cancerous elements thrive in acidic environments. A more alkaline diet should bring you back to where you should be, and gold will stop doing that.


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3/5/05 3:32 P

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My fingers are not turning colors but my rings were. I have white gold rings with a little yellow on either side. They were constantly turning different shades of gold and even after a nice cleaning they would start getting dull.I was told that it was due to the acids in my skin. Anyway, For Christmas my husband had my rings dipped in platinum and now in March they are still looking great!

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3/5/05 2:10 P

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It has to do with your body chemistry. Most likely because of all your hormones.

My engagement ring is platinum and my wedding band is white gold. Last year I had a really funky rash on my ring finger and my doctor didn't know what to tell me. I just kept wearing my rings not knowing they may have something to do with it (duh).

I went to a jeweler to get them cleaned thinking that might help. After she cleaned them, she told me to take them off for a couple of weeks, let my finger clear up and then wear one on my ring finger and the other on my other hand and see if anything happened. She told me it was very common for gold to do funny things when something changed chemically in your body. Sure enough, my "gold finger" on my right hand rashed up and my platinum finger was fine, (which was the same finger I had the problem with in the first place).

I would take off your ring, and wear it on a necklace if you want to keep in on you. Hope I helped ya!!

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3/5/05 12:54 A

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All of my gold rings are turning my fingers black. Before you ask, yes, it's real. It's only my gold jewelry. Even my super fake fun rings don't do it. This happened last time I was pregnant, and I freaked out because it was all new jewelry at the time. My husband promised that it was real, and it went away after my son was born. I kind of forgot about it since it went away, but now it's happening while I'm pregnant again. Has this happened to any of you? Has anyone even heard of this before? It's really wierd, and I don't like it at all. Any thoughts?


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