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getting pregnant after 1st baby

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3/2/05 2:19 P

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My MIL had stated that it's harder on the body but the preclampsed uterous could go in affect years after the babies are born. My aunt actually has it and her youngest is 6. She also has a lot of other problems related to the pregnancy and births. One reason for me waiting is that I had a cesarean delivery and wanted to insure that my body healed enough to attempt a VBAC.

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3/2/05 2:01 P

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You women are so brave!!! My son will be 2y&3months when this one is born and I'm already stressing about how to handle two young ones. I can't imagine having them any closer, but people do it all the time.

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3/2/05 1:58 P

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Oh you can get pregnant easy. Its just takes a huge toll on your body. I would say you just have to weigh it. I did it and it was very hard on my body. But I am glad I had my older boys so close together. They are the best of friends.
My ex SIL did it because they told her she would never have kids. She got pregnant, and decided she better not stop LOL Now she has 4 boys under 6!

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3/2/05 1:09 P

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Im also in the same boat as Lindsey. Im 36, and would like a second. My docoor said to wait at least a year for my body to heal.
My mom got pregnant with my brother (I just found out she was still breastfeeding me) 5 months after I was born and had a healthy pregnancy.

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3/2/05 11:48 A

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I agree. I had my kids 14 months apart. And they were both healthy but my health suffered from it. I got kidney infections and stones in my second pregnancy and was just basically in poor health. It took me about a year after #2 to feel healthy again.

My name- Kady

My Baby- Owen Zayn
8 lbs. 14 ounces
20 1/2 inches
Born April 4th 2005

Also mommy to the Wonder Boys Joshua Samuel-11 and Andrew Jacob

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3/2/05 11:46 A

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My SIL had a daughter 4 days after mine was born...she had 9 month old twins at the time........

so try three in 9 months!!!

on the breast feeding thing...... a close friend of mine breast fed all three of her boys....and got pregnant with the last two while breastfeeding and on or using birthcontrol.....her kids are all 16-17 months apart...

also..the dr.wouldn't let her continue breastfeeding once she found out she was pregnant..he said it would take too many nutrients away from the fetus..I'm sure every dr.'s opinion varies though.

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3/2/05 11:36 A

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My Sis got pregnant the first time she and DH had sex. It can happen! Both of her sons are born in the same month less than one year apart.

I got PG really fast but lost it. You shuld really let your body heal and rest before getting PG again.

Although it can and does happen lots of times!


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3/1/05 10:28 P

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We got pregnant when my DD was 9 months old. We thought it would take a while to get pregnant again...nope, happened on the first try! My little ones will be 18 months apart! If I had it to do over again, I think I would wait at least 18 months in between. I still had 8 pounds of baby weight left when I got pregnant. I have not gained as much this time, nut I was 8 pounds heavier to start with. My Doc suggested that I wait at least 1 year before getting pregnant again....I have had no complications this time around. Actually has been pertty easy compared to last time.

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2/27/05 10:05 A

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Layla-technically,it is my understanding that your body needs up to 2 yrs to recover to its pre-pregnancy state.And there is also a myth that you cannot get pregnant while breastfeeding solely.This is not true.Although your chance of getting pregnant is decreased when solely breastfeeding,it can happen.I would,as Trysh mentioned,discuss your options with your doctor.Obviously alot of woman are making decisions other than what I've mentioned.Good luck!

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2/26/05 10:24 P

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From what I hear, you might want to think about waiting at least a year before trying again. I think I heard somewhere that it takes your body that long to recover from giving birth, and it's better for you in the long run to wait that amount of time. I'd talk to your doctor about it, but that's just my opinion. He/She would be able to really give you a good idea of when to start again.


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2/26/05 10:05 P

Hi everyone! I had my first baby on 12/21/04. I had a great experience and am looking forward to getting pregnant again. I was just wondering how long it took to get pregnant again after your delivery. I am breastfeeding and have not had a period yet. Did you get pregnant right away or did it take several months?

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