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Red Bumps On Legs That Don't Itch

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2/25/06 9:34 P

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What you are describing sounds alot like what I have. I had it before PG and usually it is an Adolecent thing that is when you are a child and through puperty... It is called Karitosis Pilaris, it is a form of Exema(sp). It is when bits of dry skin has irritated your hair folicles, and generally will not itch. It is mainly a cosmetic thing... and usually shows up on your thighs and upper arms, but also is commonly on the tummy and bum. The best thing for it is to keep your skin as mosturized as possible... Do scrub as was advised by someone mentioned before that is what releases the dry skin from the pores. I use baby oil while my skin is still wet from the shower and it helps out A LOT!!!
It is very possible that the hormones you have in PG is throwing you into this Pre-Puperty state and causing this. As long as it doesn't increase in area at an excessive pace I think you should be fine to ask your Dr on Monday.
Good luck.

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2/25/06 8:31 P

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Almost sounds like an allergy to me, one that you've developed sine being pg, that you didn't have before.

I had spots similar to that while I was pg, they started out on my stomach, looked like little pimples/white heads, then later turned into splotches and spread onto my legs, and a little on my arms. None of them ever itched at all. Turns out I developed an allergy to the puppies at work, and to my friend's dog we were babysitting right around the time I had my mc. Never had an allergy to dogs before that. Now sometimes at work when I touch the puppies too much, I get those splotches on my arms for a couple days.

Course, it could totally be nothing, you never know until you ask the doc. I think it would be wise to have it checked anyway.

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2/25/06 2:59 P

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Mine dont itch either.
I wonder if it has anything to do wth my new loofah? I replaced my loofah about 2 weeks ago. Still using the same body wash tho
Im asking about it when I see my ob on monday

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2/25/06 12:50 P

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That happened to me a few nights, except it did itch, or maybe it just itched becase i saw it and freaked out! It only happened a few nights though.

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2/25/06 11:50 A

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It is possible they could be bed bug bites. Check your mattress/sheets and see if you notice anything.


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2/25/06 11:02 A

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I've been getting some weird bumps that sound like yours. At first I thought they were pimples, then I thought they were bug bites (there were only a few of them up my right side). I still don't know what they are, but they don't itch or anything so they're easy enough to forget about!

If they're not really bothering you, I'd just wait for the appointment!

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2/25/06 9:48 A

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Maybe it's dry skin. I get little bumps on my upper arms and my butt. I take a wash cloth and some kind of skin exfoliator and scrub scrub scrub and then put on a good moisturizer. The skin gets all read, but then after a few days the bumps heal and they are gone. I'm not sure if this is what you have, so ask your doctor when you go on Monday, and if he says it's dry skin scrub scrub scrub!

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2/25/06 9:32 A

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I noticed the past 2 days, that I have what look like little insect bites on my thighs and calves.
They dont itch at all. Some are red and I can tell others are healing. If I look close some look to have a whitehead appearance, like an ingrown hair or a pimple type thing.

It is not flat and widespread and consistent like a true rash would be. It is ONLY on my legs.
I have a dr appointment Monday.I am being re checked for possible hypertension . I am 25 weeks. Is this something that can wait until then or should I call the dr on call this morning?

I had read about all sorts of rashes in pregnancy and some of the rare ones scare me. But it seems like all the rashes would itch. Im not itchy at all.

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