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Can hot tubs,hot showers,hot baths induce labor?

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1/4/06 12:11 A

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I would personally recommend not going into anything hot. The pregnant body will raise it's temperature too high and you can dehydrate quickly among other problems. Not obviously this does not apply to you but if it were in the early stages of the pregnancy, heat like that can cause defects with the neural tubes.

Anyhow, a nice warm bath is good for relieving any discomfort or stress but I dont' believe it will induce labor.

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12/30/05 2:03 P

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I have heard that if you take a bath or shower and the water is hot enough to make your skin red it is too hot. My best advice is to let nature take its course. Your baby will enter the world when he or she is ready! You don't have much longer!

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12/30/05 10:15 A

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Remember that your baby cannot regulate it's body temperature yet. Anything hot like that will raise your core body temperature. 95-100 degrees is pretty hot. It actually doesn't take much to overheat in a hot tub or a hot bath. Warm water baths and showers are fine.

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12/30/05 9:15 A

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When you are already in labour, if you take a WARM bath, it can get things going by relaxing you, but if you take a HOT bath, it can stop labour completely...they recommened 98 - 100 degrees, and make sure you drink cold water or juice while you are in there.

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12/30/05 2:25 A

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When you're"due" anything can "put" you into labor.. more often than not its coincidence.

The reason you should stay away from HOT showers etc is to not raise your core body temperature. Generally speaking you'd be uncomfortable in that temp. of water before you'd even raise your body temp, and you'd have gotten out. But there is nothing saying it will put you into labor.

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12/30/05 2:19 A

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I've heard of it, but to ease backaches and such I've been taking hot showers and no, nothing has put me in labor. I'm still chugging along at 38 weeks with a baby who is at 0 station, 50% effaced, with my 4cm dilated cervix and nothing will push me over the edge. My husband is pretty satisfied, though. I think. He'd better be.

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12/30/05 1:22 A

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Someone told me that doctors want you to stay away from HOT tubs, HOT showers and HOT baths because they can induce labor. I was just wondering if anyone has ever heard of this sort of thing, and if it is true? Sometimes when I get into my HOT bath, after about 10-20 minutes of sitting there, I start getting real bad back pains and some BH, but I dont know if the back pain is just from sitting in the tub from the way you have to sit or if the HOT water can really put you into labor? Can someone please help me with this?


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