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Is Velveeta bad during pregnancy?

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11/14/09 11:35 A

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Add-on to the dip recipe- I don't feel as bad having the naughty Velveeta when I know the other ingredients in my recipe.
1 large log of Velveeta
1-2 lbs ground turkey (or beef)
1 can corn
1 can black beans
3 cans Rotel (anything but the chili one)- I usually choose 1 Original, 1 Mild and 1 Hot
Tortilla chips

Brown turkey and drain thoroughly.
Drain/rinse corn and black beans
drain Rotel (don't rinse)

Combine all in a crockpot (will be full!!) and put on normal or high setting, stirring (careful not to schmoosh the black beans) every 20-30 minutes for an hour until cheese is melted then, keep on warm once its steaming!

Feeds 10-15 law enforcement officers or 1-3 of us!!
HHMmmmm enjoy! I just made some for my fellow LEOs, so I better get some before they eat it all!!

Mommyhood is the best!!
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9/13/05 11:24 P

My Profile anything excessive amounts is not good. If it's just here and there it should be okay. It's bad in general because of the excessive processing and preservatives added to keep its' shelf life up!

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9/13/05 9:30 P

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Sorry, this posted twice for some reason, so I'm deleting this one...

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Sophie 3-30-06

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9/13/05 9:29 P

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I use "Velveeta Light" and buy a can of rotel. I drain the vegetables, then cube the velveeta and either put it in a crock pot for the afternoon or stick it in a microwaveable dish and voila. Not complicated at all.

However, sometimes I buy fresh tomatoes and jalapenos and onions and green peppers (sometimes chiles) and do it that way--which I will probably do for Friday--and then chop, drain and cube cheese like above.

Yes, I know it's bad, but I only make it about three times a year--mostly in the fall. :) I just wondered if it's considered a soft cheese for the baby (though I wonder if it's really cheese at all! ;))!

Sophie 3-30-06

She is our joy and delight!

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9/13/05 4:53 P

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its fine, but very processed. its soft due to the processing, but oh so yummy! enjoy!

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9/13/05 4:49 P

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I'm supposed to bring a rotel/velveeta dip to a party on Friday and just wondering if I shouldn't eat any of it. Is it considered a soft cheese, even though it's pasteurized?

Thanks for the info!

Sophie 3-30-06

She is our joy and delight!

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