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Medela Pump In Style Original vs. Advanced

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11/23/07 9:27 A

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I didn't know there were 2 PIS. I know mine has a dial and a button and for the first, say 3 minutes, it pumps one way and then it goes to a different, not so fast of a "suck". Like a baby does to let milk down and then just suck. The dial lets you adjust how hard of a suck it is. Now that doesn't mean it wil make you enpty faster. You set it to feel as much like your babies suck as you can. And thought some people can empty in 5 minutes, don't expect that to be the norm. I know a lot of ladies who EP and it still takes them the full 30 minutes and up to 45 minutes. (Ssshhhhhh on the insurance part. DH didn't check that one thing and it's too late for us to claim it now. LOL He would flip since it's over $300!)

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11/22/07 3:52 P

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Thank you for the responses ladies. I wish the insurance company would guarantee that they would pay for part of the cost of the Advanced, but they are being kind of wishy washy. I just really want to be successful in pumping this time.

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11/21/07 5:11 P

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In my breastfeeding class, the lactation consultant said that the advanced wasn't worth the money. She said you can manually do to the original with a dial what the advanced does with a button.

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11/21/07 11:48 A

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Personally I have no idea. I know that doesn't help but I wanted to say that if they don't cover the advanced then what I would do is get the original for FREE and then if you have issues with it, then go ahead and purchase the advanced. At least try out the free one first.


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11/21/07 8:40 A

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I don't have experience with the Original, but I love the Advanced. The difference between the two is that the Advanced has a "let down mode" which is more like a baby sucking. The Original does not have this. Once your milk lets down you push a button and the sucking on the machine gets more rhythmic. So, in essence it's just more like the real thing. I have no idea if this means you get more milk or if the pump makes the whole process more efficient. I know with the Advanced I could completely empty both breasts in 5 minutes. I had very quick let down though. If your insurance does not cover the Advanced and you decide to get it, look on They have the best prices for pumps. I hope you find more info because the 100% paid is wonderful for the Original. Did the lactation consultant say what is better about the Advanced? She should know much better than me since I'm sure she's seen both in action.

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11/21/07 7:54 A

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Does anyone have an opinion on the Medela Pump In Style Original vs. Pump In Style Advanced? The lactation consultant recommended the Advanced. My insurance company will pay 100% for the Original, but may or may not pay some of the cost of the Advanced. Just wondering if there was any HUGE reason to go for the Advanced. I'm new to breast pumps and any help would be greatly appreciated!

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