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beer and third trimester

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5/10/11 6:14 P

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I had a friend in high school who was a year or two older than myself and we would have huge parties with lots of drunken teenagers and there she would be huge and pregnant chuggin the beer or taking shots of vodka chasing it with captain. We didn't say anything because to each their own, but it was the hardest thing ever visiting her after her c section, and finding out that her son was born with his organs on the outside and his fingers and toes weren't all fully developed, his legs were fused together. We aren't sure how much of this was from the alcohol, but it forever scared me out of drinking during pregnancy, I still think a glass or so every whenever isn't enough to do much harm

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9/30/10 2:14 P

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Our next door neighbors are from England/ South Africa and swear by having a glass of wine or a beer here and there. I think a little, as in a small glass of red wine or one beer is not anything to worry about. In fact, for me and others I've talked to, it helps relax you which can be more beneficial to the baby. The problem lies when you can't stop at one drink. People in Europe and everywhere other then the US are ok with it and look at them..

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9/20/10 8:31 P

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i wouldnt dare to pick up a drink not even on my last trimester... its all about baby right about now for me. i found out i was pregnantat 4 weeks stopped smoking and drinking completely. i cant even stomach the smell of cigs and alcohol i throw up... my poor hubby lol he smells to me cause we were heavy smokers.

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4/13/09 3:25 P

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I use to drink beer just like you until I found out I was six weeks pregnant and my taste for beer just went right away. Now if only I can put these cigarrettes down like I did the beer I would be alright.

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4/7/08 11:03 A

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Here's my opinion. My luck I would be the small percentage where the one glass of wine actually did the damage to my baby(that's just how my luck works). Oh, and believe me I could go for a few glasses of wine right now!!! To each his make the call!

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1/26/08 9:11 A

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Everyone everywhere has their own opinions on whether it's bad or whether it's fine to have a drink on occasions. I tried to have a beer on New Years Eve with my husband and of course I took a few sips and just didn't have the taste for it... I was told that the baby will not be affected by one drink while you are pregnant, but I have to agree with others on this site, it's up to you if you decide to have one or not.

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10/22/07 11:36 A

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I have also heard that Red wine is actually not bad for baby, something with the red blood cells. I haven't drank but a pina colada on my b-day, not since I found out I was pg. DH tries to get me to have a glass of red wine when I am very stressed, but I always turn him down even though the DR says once in a great while...I keep telling him that if I drink one glass, then I'll want the whole bottle, so I'll just wait until the baby gets here and then drink the whole damn bottle, j/k

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10/22/07 11:00 A

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Yes, it is a personal choice to have one glass of wine or beer. If you're celebrating or toasting something with DH or family and it's important to you, go ahead and have that one glass of champagne or wine. If it helps you relax, it's fine. I've had an occassional glass here and there, maybe a total of 5 times during the whole pregnancy.

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10/21/07 10:36 P

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I don't drink, so it's not really an issue for me, but I had to laugh the other day when I came across a British pregnancy website. I was looking at a page on diet, and it said pg women should definately avoid all the biggies, i.e. large fish, moldy cheese, uncooked egg yolk, etc. Then it said, "If you drink alcohol, you might want to consider limiting your intake... If you smoke, you might want to consider quitting." I guess in other cultures it's much more acceptable! I had to laugh, since I eat a couple of over easy eggs a few times a week. I guess the Brits would say I'm putting my baby in harms' way, even tho I don't drink or smoke?

For what it's worth, I've also heard that one serving of alcohol a week is permissible and won't hurt baby.

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10/21/07 7:26 P

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I didnt know i was pregnant with erica until I was 10 weeks I didnt have any other children at the time and we werent ttc so I was going on about my normal life having a couple beers on the weekends not getting trashed though as soon as I found out i was pregnant I stopped she was fine but I worried about it the entire pregnancy. That freaked me out to much to even consider doing it during a pregnancy so I just dont. I do know women who have a glass of wine here and there their kids seem fine but its just not a risk I am willing to take.

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10/21/07 3:31 P

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My MIL didn't know she was pregnant with my DH. She went to the doctor for her missed periods and was told she was going through menopause early.... anyway she drank (quite a bit) until she felt him kick at 6 months.
He was a totally fine healthy child, healthy adult, honor roll and the works. So I really don't think alcohol is evil.
Me personally I haven't and won't be drinking pregnant. Not worth any risks even though I know it's OK.

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10/21/07 3:13 P

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JULIAZ102905: that remind me of my wedding. I was about 5 months pregnant with DD when I got married && instead of toasting with champagne like everyone else I toasted with water. lol. SO funny!

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10/21/07 2:00 P

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I celebrated my 1 year anniversary the day before my son was born and I filled my champagne glass with milk and DH did too. I don't think that any amount of alcohol is OK when you are preggo.

- Julia

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10/21/07 1:36 P

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While, yes there is no proof of an occasional glass of wine or a beer harming the baby, there is also no proof that it WON'T cause any harm && IMO that unknown factor just isn't worth it. I won't pass judgement on someone because that's their decision, but if something were to happen they would have nobody to blame but themselves.

But I can say that once this baby comes out I could definitely get a little saucy off some beers. hehehehe. Mickey's here I come!!!

I could also go for a stog in a few weeks : ]

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10/21/07 12:28 P

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I have heard that some doctors say one glass is fine, but personally I would never, ever do it. I don't care how minimal the amount was that got to my baby, I wouldn't want him even having a drop of alcohol. To me I see it as its only 9 months of my life, I can do without alcohol. Just because it is not going to damage the baby doesn't make it right to me. I'm sure a sip of alcohol wouldn't hurt my 19 month old, but I would never dream of giving him one.

However this is another one of those personal decisions that each person must make for themselves. I don't judge other people on what they choose to do, this is my personal opinion for myself only.

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10/21/07 11:55 A

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I don't like beer or won't be drinking...but in about 7 weeks I could go for a ameratto and coke!!! and maybe a cigg. :-)

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Posts: 135
10/21/07 11:15 A

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When I was pregnant with Rosemary, I was having contractions and couldn't figure out if I was in labor or not. The advice of my doula (who is my mother):

"Get in to a nice, relaxing bath and slowly drink a beer. Concentrate on relaxation. If the contractions ease up, it wasn't really labor. If they DON'T, get another beer and call me again."

It worked. It wasn't The Real Thing yet.

Posts: 342
10/21/07 10:02 A

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i was told that alcohol affects a child's learning ability .


Posts: 31117
10/21/07 9:21 A

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Things have changed in 20 years....there is no evidence that an occasional beer or glass of wine causes any problems. All data comes from studies were mothers drank alcohol regularly (every day) and usually to excess.

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10/21/07 7:06 A

I wouldn't. Never.

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10/21/07 2:30 A

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Living in Europe, it is very common to see people pregnant and drinking red wine, however being an american I have been "taught" alcohol" during pregnancy is bad. My husband asked my dr about the wine and he told me in no way shape or form should I drink any alcohol while i am pregnant..

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Posts: 4652
10/21/07 1:33 A

Im dying for beer, but I wouldnt do it, Ill wait till I have the baby

Posts: 288
10/21/07 12:33 A

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I've known of a few people who would have an occasional glass of wine or a beer and their babies appear to be fine, but as for me I can't help but think of it this way, I would'nt feed my newborn baby even a sip of alcohol so why would I now!

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Posts: 428
10/20/07 11:34 P

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I've heard it both ways, but there is something I read that always sticks in my mind. It was something to the effect of the level of alcohol in your bloodstream being equal in your babies (not sure how that works) so if you are a little tipsy....then baby is darn near passed out.
At the most, I've heard it is safe to have a half glass wine (or beer) on a special occasion and with a full meal. So honestly, to me it isn't even worth it for the half glass - with meal - on rare occasion - to even bother. I figure I'll wait to baby's arrival to get my drink on :)

Posts: 42
10/20/07 11:23 P

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A lot of mothers, and even my doctor have told me that a beer in your third trimester is totally okay. has anyone else heard this or know anything? I am still weary even after my doctor said it was fine...there is so much information out there that goes both ways its hard to be sure of anything.

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