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Breast Feeding Boobs

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7/23/07 9:59 P

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I wore a 34D Pre-1st pregnancy, went up to a 38DD during my peak *LOL* and would fluctuate between a 36D and a 36DD during nursing (i BF for 2 yrs). They stayed 36D after weaning, and i have not noticed a huge increase yet this pregnancy. They are a bit saggier than they were pre-nursing, though.. not quite as "bouncy" (as my DH says.....) So band size increased, cup size didnt.

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7/21/07 12:55 A

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i was barely a b cup cefore i got preg with my first. then during breast feeding i jumped all the way up to almost a D!!! after she weaned herself at 9 months and the milk stopped flowing, i was way smaller than what i had pre pregnancy!!! ( barely an a cup!) it was so frusterating! i told DH if that happend again after weaning our second (and last) child, he owes me a set of boobs! ( if i even want to go thru with the headache!) i dont want huge ones, just something that fills out a dress nicely!

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7/20/07 3:49 P

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I kept a cup size on me after weaning my daughter, went from a C to a D. But I also nursed a long time compared to most, so this may have helped with keeping the increase.

EDIT - I should mention that during nursing, at least in the beginning, I hit some crazy size like E or F in nursing bras. DD was the stable size of my chest while nursing.

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7/20/07 2:35 P

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mine got really big while bf I was small before hand, they went down after bf but were still bigger then they were before I bf now there are getting bigger again

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7/19/07 4:29 P

I was about a cup size bigger while I was breastfeeding - they are bigger when they are "full."

When I stopped, they went back to pre-preggo size, but now they're creeping up again!

Silly boobs.

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7/19/07 2:09 P

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Your boobs will get alot bigger b/c they fill up with your milk. They usually inflate after each feeding and then you can feel when they fill up (or what they call "let down").

I have heard the same as the pp that every woman is different in terms of the breast size after they stop breastfeeding. Mine too went back down to their pre-prego size.

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7/18/07 10:34 P

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While you are breastfeeding they'll be bigger than pre-pregnancy most definitely. However, from what I hear results of boob size after breastfeeding vary from person to person. Me personally, nope! I went right back to being an A cup.

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7/18/07 10:29 P

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Is it true that if you breast feed your breast will get bigger?

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