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Autism Spectrum and Heat sensitivity???

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10/22/08 3:15 P

My oldest son who is 2.5 yrs old is being evaluated for Autism soon, he also has febrile seizures.

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9/16/08 4:43 P

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The cooling vests are nice. I am wondering if one from a biker store will suffice. I think we are going to try one of them anyway and find out. They are $20 instead of the $200 for a medical cooling vest. Same results. With it needing to be a tight fit, I can't imagine the latter. She will need a new one every four months or so form what I can tell by growth and life line of the vest itself.

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9/9/08 12:37 P

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my son has AS...most of his temperature issues do come from heat rather than cold...he is warm natured to begin with but when he walks outside he says that the sun burns his face even before we step off the porch which is shaded...and when we ride in the car for an extended amount of time he tends to try to keep the sun off of him in any way possible...he will even put a blanket over him and then ask me to turn up the AC...

he has had an MRI and we are currently waiting to hear back on testing for fragile X.

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9/6/08 11:08 P

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My oldest DS is 13, diagnosed with PDD-NOS years ago. He always says he is cold. Wears jackets, socks, cuddles with blankets, etc. But... we have to keep a close watch on him or he will overheat. I don't have any official medical information on this, but it definitely happens. He asked for a space heater for Christmas one year, and we always dress him in layers. While he complains of feeling cold, he never complains of feeling hot.


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9/5/08 5:58 A

Kids on the spectrum - we think my DD is there - can have sensory issues. I know my DD can't take the AC turned up high. She is always cold. Anyway, my DD doesn't seem to notice that she's gotten really hot. She's distracted by what she's doing and doesn't stop so long as it's fun. She tends only to stop at the point where she's feeling sick. I can see her being too active for hot weather and getting heat exhaustion unless someone told her to slow down.

She has not had an MRI, but one doctor felt that when she got her sensory diagnosis it was enough to give her an Aspergers diagnosis.

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8/25/08 10:15 P

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I am not an I can't give you advice....however, my son is "autistic"...the docs really haven't given us much more than that....he has been tested for metabolic disorders and such because his case is very complicated.....but we notice that cold weather is not good for him....and he "melts" in the extreme weather we keep him away from. Some children have trouble cooling themselves and require cooling vests to regulate their temperature in the heat.

From my experience...there are a lot things that the docs say "aren't" related to autism...however, after being in the search for 5 years, I believe that Autism is such a big field that covers so much.....I believe that children who aren't developing along the "normal neurotypical" path...have issues in many different areas and no two children are exactly alike...if you want to mmail me please feel free and I can share my experiences with you.


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8/23/08 6:20 P

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My 7yo suffered heat exhaustion today. sh ehas had issues with it in the past, bu tit never went so quickly adn got this far. It was mentioned that the hyper sensitivity to the heat (It si only 80 here and she was standing outside for 25minutes) is linked to autism. We are waiting on an MRI to help diagnose what they are now thinking is PPD_NOS, maybe aspergers.....where she falls on the autism spectrum is up for debate depending on which dr we are seeing.

Anyone have any experience, websites, info, or theories on autism and heat exhaustion/heat stroke?

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