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Eyes rolling back in head

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11/17/07 5:44 P

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sometimes babies that young eye muscles havent developed yet. My middle daughter had 1 eye going one way and the other eye going in another direction! But as she got older, those muscles strenthened and her focus was front forward. But its a good thing to take him to the doc just to be on the safe side.

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11/14/07 9:26 A

They determined that it was indeed paroxysmal tonic upgaze...which sometimes happens with infants. There hasn't been much research on this and so they don't know much about it. They believe that he will "grow out of it" so to speak... and he doesn't seem to be in any pain or discomfort and he's hitting all of his milestones. So, that's good... thanks for asking! We'll just keep praying that he's OK.

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11/13/07 2:27 P

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How is your nephew doing? I hope well.

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10/1/07 11:14 A

Thanks for the information... he has an appt. for an EEG this week. He does do it more often when he's tired; not sure how that's related. I did read about absence seizures..also about paroxysmal tonic upgaze, which is what we think it may be. In any case, I hope they can figure out how to treat it. Thanks again...

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9/26/07 11:29 A

I'm wondering if anyone has ever heard of this. My nephew is 5 months old and he has just recently started with his eyes rolling back in his head. In the past few days, he has done it fairly often, sitting up, lying down...during day and night...seems pretty random. His eyes will roll back into his head and then he kind of stiffens up and jerks his head forward as if he is trying to bring his eyes back down. It's really scary; although he doesn't appear to be in any pain and after it happens, he seems completely normal (no signs of seizure-like activity). My sister and mom took him to the ped. and he's never heard of it, though my nephew did it a few times in his office, so he's seen it.

Any information is much appreciated. Thanks

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