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Any crazy water-breaking stories?

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7/15/08 2:45 P

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It's very funny you should ask that... lol!

WARNING: Don't read this post if you're easily grossed out... it's kinda icky!

On Friday September 8th, 2006, I had an ob/gyn appointment. She checked my cervix and said I wasn't even 1 cm dialated, that I had no signs of going into labor, and that if she had to guess, it would be at least another week before the baby came.

On Saturday September 9th, I went to work as usual. Late in the day, I experienced what I thought were digestive issues (bad stomach cramps).

After work on Saturday, my hubby and I decided to go to the movies.

We were sitting in the theatre, about 1/2 way through the movie, and suddenly I felt like I had leaked a tiny bit of pee. I whispered in my husband's ear that I needed to use the restroom and stood up. I felt a little more leakage, so I hurried out of the theatre. Then the little leak turned into a huge, warm gush! I SPRINTED as well as a 9-month-pregnant woman can, down the hall of the cinema to the restrooms! By the time I got there, my pants were saturated and there was liquid squelching in my shoes!

I sat down on the toilet until the gush stopped, but when I tried to stand up, it started again! I tried again and again, but every time I stood up, I started gushing! I couldn't leave the dang toilet!

About 1/2 hour later, a theater employee opened the door of the restroom and yelled my name.

"I'm here!" I said.

"There's a man outside who says his pregnant wife went to the restroom and didn't come back. He's awfully anxious. He wants to know if you're all right."

"Um.... tell him I'll be out in a minute." I said.

Well, I was certainly in a predicament! My pants and shoes were soaking wet, and every time I stood up I started gushing! I hemmed and hawed for a minute, trying to decide what to do, then bit the bullet, took the ENTIRE roll of toilet paper off the roll and stuffed it in my underwear, pulled up my sopping pants, and casually strolled out of the restroom, my shoes making squelching noises as I went.

You should have seen my husband's expression when he saw me -- along with the 1/2 dozen theatre employees who had been recruited to find me!

Hubby and I squelched out of the theatre together. Fortunately I had a tarp in my truck, which I put down over my seat for the ride to the hospital! At the hospital they took one look and admitted me immediately.

18 hours later, on September 10th, 2006, my son was born.

And the funniest thing? Just a couple days before it happened, hubby had asked me if I was afraid my water would break in public. And do you know what I said?

"No, not really... I read that only a small percentage of women have their water break in public, and even if it does, it's usually a little leak, not a big gush."


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7/13/08 11:45 A

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One night at 26 weeks I came home from working a double shift as a waitress and got a glass of water and a snack, then settled down to watch tv. I must have dozed off because I woke up with water all over my crotch and when I stood up it ran down my leg. I started panicking- oh my god I'm going to have a preemie I should have never agreed to work this double I'm so sorry my heart was pounding. A few seconds later I realized there was an empty glass on the couch. I fell asleep with the glass between my legs! Once my heart rate returned to normal I laughed so hard!

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7/11/08 7:40 P

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Maybe not a "crazy" story, but interesting.

My water broke at work...well maybe not "broke", but was leaking. It leaked about 5 times over the course of 15 minutes, so I called my doctor and went to L&D. They did a speculum test and it came back NEGATIVE. WTF?!!
My doctor, and the two nurses were strongly convinced that even though the test was negative that it was in fact my amniotic fluid, so they kept me at the hospital for 4 more hours.
They re-tested me 4 and half hours later and this time, I tested positive. It took the hospital nearly 5 hours to determine that I wasn't peeing on myself!!
Definitely not how I was expecting to begin the whole labor process.

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7/5/08 4:11 P

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When I was pregnant with my 2nd I had a check up on my due date. I had planned to BEG my doctor to induce me, but she was not moved by my pleas.

She stripped my membranes and sent me on my miserable way.

My doctor's office, and my delivery hospital, were in a city about an hour and a half away from my home, and I was at the appt with my mom (DH was at work in another town). I didn't want to drive back home. I wanted to have my baby. I didn't want to leave the city still pregnant!

I decided to walk a little bit in the parking lot to see if I could get things going. I seemed to be having irregular, mild contractions, but it was definitely not the "real thing".

Mom and I went to lunch at Logan's Roadhouse (one of those steakhouses where you throw peanut shells on the floor). I ordered a steak and a salad and started munching on some yummy yeast rolls. Somewhere in the middle of my salad, I started having contractions that HURT.

I'd take a bite. Stop. Oww. Bite. Stop. Oww.

All of the sudden, it felt like I had wet my pants.

I whispered to my mom that I thought my water might have broken, but I might have peed my pants. Please don't say anything to anyone, ok?

Off I rushed to the bathroom at the other end of the steakhouse. I inspected things, and it was a constant leak. It WAS my water.

I stuck a bunch of balled up toilet paper in my panties, pulled up my damp, dowdy denim maternity overalls, and headed back to my seat.

In the minutes I was away in the bathroom, my mom had managed to inform about 20 restaurant patrons and half the restaurant staff that my water had broken. I would have been embarrassed and a little mad, except the waitstaff had already boxed up our entrees, and I was happy I wouldn't have to miss out on my steak.

I called DH and had mom take me by the bank before we headed to the hospital.

At the hospital the front desk attendants freaked out and threw me in a wheel chair and rushed me to L&D. Having your water break is apparently a very good way to get attention. :p

My son was born a few short hours later, on his due date. No complications. And I am still welcome at that steak house.

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Posts: 158
4/30/08 8:51 P

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I wasn't worried about my water breaking because it never did with my previous three pregnancies, the doc always ended up breaking it, but with my fourth I was at the doctors office in the bathroom it looked like I peed my pants, I stretched my shirt down as far as it could go and left without being noticed but had to turn right back around cause I left my phone in the exam room after I called my husband,it was embarrassing, but it could have happened at a worse place at least there were other preggos around!!! (don't even know if anyone noticed)

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4/28/08 2:10 P

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As I time goes on in this pregnancy, I think of this more and more. I plan on getting some extra thick pads to keep in my desk at work along with an extra pair of pants just in case.

With my DD, it was almost exactly a month before my due date. I woke up in the middle of the night (around midnight) to use the bathroom. The fluid just kept coming, and when I wiped I saw a little bloody mucus. I was able to "contain" it with a thick pad until we got to L&D. Contractions never started so I ended up being induced with Pitocin. Baby was born just about 12 hours after the water-breaking incident!

Nothing crazy or embarrassing happened, but I'm going to be really prepared this time just in case my water breaks spontaneously again. I could just see my luck as being in one of those "Walmart" stories.

I like the idea of drinking tea with nettle and more vitamin C to help strengthen the sack. Hopefully that would keep this baby from being born a couple weeks too early like his sister!

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Posts: 13163
4/28/08 10:47 A

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Whats with wal-mart and water breaking aunts did also. Right in the clothes section school shopping for her kids. no thanks..i would about die..mine was like a river that kept going and going and going. Mine was broke at 6cm by the doctor..nothing exciting..but im glad it wasent lol.

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4/28/08 10:38 A

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I have a friend who was living in the US, but is actually from Europe. She was 35 or 36 weeks pregnant and her husband went on a business trip to Germany. She went to Walmart to buy my baby shower gift, and while she was there her water broke. The baby was breech so she knew she'd need a c-section. She went up to customer service to call her doctor, and then the employees wouldn't let her leave and called an ambulance for her. So she delivered her baby at the hospital all alone and her poor husband literally landed, got the phone call, and hopped back on the next trans-atlantic flight home. Crazy!

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4/25/08 1:31 A

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sweet little one!

thank you
XOX lily

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Posts: 317
4/24/08 7:16 P

Mine broke at home, but I went to walmart before going to the hospital.

On my due date, I had my membranes stripped. 2 days later, we decided to rearrange the living room so we would have more floor space. That day I also drank 3 big glasses of apple juice and ended up spending some time on the toilet. That night I took a bath and went to bed. My husband mentioned as I was getting into bed that it would be funny if my water broke because the time was 12:34. That's the time that his mom's water broke when she had his brother and his father loves to tell that he remembered the time... 1,2,3,4.

Anyways. 10 minutes later, my water broke. I had forgotten to put in a pantyliner (because of discharge) and I thought it was just my normal discharge. I get up to put one in and sat on the toilet to do it. The fluid kept coming a little bit, but Austin's head was very low, so it wasn't a huge gush.

I didn't want to be sent home from the hospital, so I made hubby get up and we went to wal-mart, looking for Ph strips. Amniotic fluid and urine have different Ph levels. We couldn't find them, so picked up some other things for the hospital stay and came on home.

I planned to lay down and see if another tiny gush happened again, and while I was laying down, contractions started at 4 minutes apart and 75 seconds each. I got up and didn't have anymore leaking that I noticed but went on to the hospital. They got me in a room and when the nurse touched the testing strip to my "area" it immediately turned DARK blue.

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Posts: 15
4/22/08 1:44 P

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we were out in the mat-sue land we own when all this fun happened.
I was due august 8th and when I hafd my appointment on the 6th nothing was happening the ob said she will have to induce me on the 9th. So we decied on the 7th to go out and fix our home up some moe we spend the night all is good i feel like crampy. on the afternoon of the 8th around 11am I drive up the hill and get out to tmi pee and i noticed my plug was out and i was getting more crampy. i drive down get my dh to take me into town. i go in and my water breaks all over the tar.
well. i am not even 1 cm. we go out to eat take a bath and to bed. more cramps and go back to the l&D get a room and my ob goes to break my water more and it explosed all over her (due the 12th)and the walls tar green mess!

thank you
XOX lily

Doyle Vernon Rockwell DOB: August 9th 2005 8lbs even 19 1/2 inches long OFC 33cm 13 1/2 hours labor
And he was at 2 and 34 1/2lbs 35 inches.
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4/8/08 3:16 P

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If you really are worried about your water breaking, there are things you can do to avoid your water breaking. The best thing, which may be too late for some of you is to strengthen your amniotic sac. Eating foods with lots of vitamin C can do this and also drinking tea with nettle in it. Nettle is known for making the sac guarantees but if you have a strong sac then it is less likely to break before you are actually in labor. Some women don't have their waters burst until the babies head is out!

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4/7/08 1:47 P

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with my son i was a week overdue and my doctor had to break my water and it hurted so bad i couldnt do anything by scream and cry. and with my daughter i was like two week early and i was in the bed going to sleep my df was at work and my son was in the bed with me and as soon as i dozed off she broke it and water was everywhere i told my mom in law and everyone came up stairs to see the water on the floor it was a crazy day

Posts: 242
4/7/08 11:54 A

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It was Feb 4th 2002. I was due Feb 5th 2002. It was 11pm and I was watching THE REAL ER. A woman on the show had her baby in the car on the way to the hospital. I remember seeing that caused me a lot of panic. Next thing you know, I stand up and my water broke!!! It was the first time it had broke on its own and Chance was baby 4. I was so distraught that I changed my pants, like that would help lol. Anyways I got to the hospital at 1145pm he was born 3am Feb 5th. His due date! The only one out of 5!!!

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4/7/08 5:09 A

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Nothing major but mine broke in bed and my husband was scrambling for a life raft..

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4/1/08 5:30 P

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I have to admit this is one of my biggest fears. They show it in the movies that the water breaks and the woman is left standing in a big pool of her own fluids. My water didn't break on their own when I had DD, the doctor actually had to break them once I was already admitted to the hospital. I'm so scared to have them break somewhere embarrassing.

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3/13/08 5:16 P

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it hurt a little when she was scrapin my membranes.

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3/13/08 12:42 A

i was in the hospital being was day two and they said you are four cm so we are going to break your water...the doctor prepes me and askes the nurse for the tool and before she could get the tool in her hand my water breaks all over that time i felt like i was in control so it made me feel a little better. everyone in the room had a very puzzled look on their face...oh i have to add about two weeks before i was due i was talk to my husband on the phone and i felt that i was wet and i go omg! i think my water broke, but i had actually lost control of my urine at the moment i was so embarrassed

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3/12/08 8:08 P

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Wow, I loved all of your stories! Thank you for sharing. I've laughed with them and have shaken my head. I hope for many more!! Soon I'll have my own, I hope. I'm still pregnant, though! Tomorrow is my due date and I'll talk to the doctor about the next step. I've been learning about scraping the membrane today so it was interesting that you mentioned that, Rosanamarcus. Did it hurt?

Thanks again, everyone!

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3/12/08 7:04 P

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I'm currently expecting the birth of my second child. But with my first, it was quite the experience. My due date was Sep. 11,2005 and it was Sep.9 and I had a doctor's appointment. That morning when I woke up I had lost my mucous plug, then when i went to the doctor's she scraped my membranes and told me that i would be back at the hospital later on, sure enough. I went to visit my friend who had already had her baby, I was there for like five minutes then left to go home. Ate and was resting on the couch when I started to have contractions. Went to the hospital, two doctor's checked me. The both said I was dialated 6 centimeters and they told me I could go home or come back in an hour. So we decided to walk around the hospital sure enough an hour went by, My husband was standing in front of me waiting to talk to somebody in the check in area at the labor and delivery. As soon as he was gonna say somethin my water broke. It felt like I had pee'd on myself. I was so embarrased. I whispered to my husband "my water just broke". Even afer my water broke. The people behind the counter just looked at me, they gave me a room then said we have to check it to make sure it's amniotic fluid. I was so embarrased just standing there feeling wet.

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3/7/08 9:36 A

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I have a big collection of maxi pads in my glove box & extra towels in the car, plus always have big pads in my purse, just in case my water breaks while I'm out. I also have 2 regular mattress pads & a waterproof cover on my mattress b/c I don't want to have to replace it...just in case.

I'm awaiting the arrival of my 1st, so this story is not about me....

My sister's water broke at Target when she was 36 weeks. I was there with her & her DH shopping for lamps for the nursery when it happened. But she was the only one who knew - in fact, she wasn't all the way sure until she went to the bathroom to check it out - so it was more leaking than gushing for her. But I've heard many times that if you are standing or sitting, the baby's head will often help hold things in.

The funny part was, after I went to check on her, I went back and told BIL that her water had broken. I went back to the bathroom to help her & when we came out, he was nowhere to be found. I looked all over that entire store & parking lot for him & then I found him... in line paying for the stuff in their cart! I was like, "You idiot - we need to GO!"

Then we got her out to the car, only a few spaces back, so we all walked together. I got her settled in the passenger seat, then looked up & he was no where to be found! He was putting the cart back in the cart corral! Helloooo?!?!? Yes, you are a very good Target citizen; however, today may be the ONE day that you let it slide & just leave the cart in the parking lot!!!!

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3/4/08 11:41 A

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Hi. I just read the thread about water breaking at home and it was really helpful. With my first two the doctor had to break my water so I've never experienced it happen naturally. On tv they always show women's water breaking in odd and embarrassing places. I'm wanting to know if that's realistic or just tv. Did anyone experience their water breaking outside the home? If so how did you deal with it? I'm a little paranoid about that happening!


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