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Scheduled c-sec but went into labor early

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9/2/07 1:19 P

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My 4th pregnancy the baby was breech at 37 weeks! The dr said C-SECTION no doubt, unless the baby turns which was a 5% chance.He had set everything up for a 38 1/2 weeks c section. Luckily I had that 5% chance for me and not against me.
He slowly but painfully turned at 38 weeks weighing around 8lbs 4oz.(GD) I thought I was going to die. He woke me up with the pain in the middle of the night. I thought I was in labor so I called my mom and we went to the ER and confirmed thru ultrasound that he had definitely turned.
I felt like a fool leaving there that night but you can never be to sure about things.
With my 2nd son, I was scheduled to have a c section. Went in on a Tuesday night to be induced at 8 am the next morning but luckily went into labor at 1am and had VBAC at around 2pm that day. No pain med, totally natural. It was the greatest thing I could have experienced. Esp since my 1st child was Emergency C section.

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8/31/07 2:43 P

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My docs made me schedule a c-section on my due date. I had told them throughout the pregnancy that I wanted to try VBAC. They agreed to let me try if I went into labor before my due date. My water broke 3 weeks before my due date and I went in to the hospital. Because my docs knew I wanted to try to labor they allowed me to. They did suggest that I get an epidural if I wanted to because otherwise if things didn't go well and I had to have a repeat section they would have to put me under general anesthesia. All in all I am sooooooo happy that I went into labor early and got to have a VBAC. It was something I really wanted and I enjoyed it so much more than my c-section. Good luck!

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8/29/07 4:29 P

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Wow, this is scary. I'm scheduled for my 2nd section on 9/17/07. I hope I don't go sooner!! I'm not ready yet, he77- the baby doesn't have all his things yet!!!

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8/13/07 2:57 P

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I'm scheduled for c/s and have an extra set on surgical papers with me at all times in case I go into labor I can bring them to the hospital with me. As long as you haven't progressed too far there should be no problem doing the c/s.

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8/9/07 10:13 A

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I'm concerned about this topic. I have a scheduled c/s for 9/14/07. This is my 2nd c/s in a about a year(DS was born Aug 24,2006). I hope if I do go into labor early, that my water breaks so that I KNOW I have to go to the hospital right away. I dont want to talk myself into staying home and then wait too long, and run into trouble. My Dr really is against VBAC for me and so am I(believe me I've done my research) mostly because the surgeries will be so close together, the risk of uterine rupture is greater, and I've been fighting anemia the last few months. I just keep praying that all goes well, and instict will kick in, and who knows? Maybe I WILL make it to my scheduled would be so much easier if I did. I hope more people post on this topic.



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7/27/07 8:29 A

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My doctor was just telling me a story about how a woman was scheduled for her second c-section but went into labor the day before. But the time she got to the hospital and was checked out, it was time to push. When the doctor asked if she was ready to do so, her response was "But I'm having a c-section!" and the doctor laughed and said, "Um, no you're not!"

(The story was a little better knowing the two doctors involved, but that's beside the point . . . It can happen. And it's okay if it does.)

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7/26/07 1:16 P

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He could be telling you that it okay to have the baby vbac...vaginal birth after csection.
I had a cesection with my first and two vbacs after. My forth will be a vbac.
I know it does happen to women who have scheduled cause babys come when they want. Just cause you had a csection your body still may go through labor and want to deliver the baby naturaly.

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7/20/07 9:54 P

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has anyone had a scheduled c-section but went into labor on their own before the date? what was your experience-how do they handle it. my doc was on her way out the door and said "oh yeah we do that all the time" but didn't give me the details....

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