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Positions to get baby to drop further?

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11/16/06 12:54 P

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Ali - don't worry downward dog won't flip the baby the wrong way around. Because even if baby moves higher then (s)he was when you straighten up gravity will still pull the heaviest part of baby down - so the head will still go where it's supposed to.

I do downward dog because I get really bad leg cramps and it helps streatch the most muscles including the back - like you said. Though even though most babies have run out of room by now and settle into one position - mine hasn't on any given day my LO will flip all over the place - so I really hope (s)he moves head down and stays there soon!


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11/15/06 10:03 P

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Guess what girlies?!?!! I took a wlak today which started up some good contractions and been using my ball. Anyways...I just got back from L&D becuase I thought my water broke. It didn't break, but the doc said she could now feel my amnio sac. My cervix was only dilated in the front 1cm..and now it's dilated all the way through. Also, the baby has dropped some more. I'm still having steady contractions...confirmed by the monitor, but their not strong enough yet...sigh. But at least I made a little progress and I definaly can feel things happening. Yay!

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11/15/06 8:50 P

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Two Mondays ago (Nov. 6) I had a doctor's appointment. I was told that I was 1 cm dialated and 70% effaced. I was so excited to have found that progress was happening! The whole week after, my pubic bone was SOOOO sore! I was sure my LO was dropping. I still go jogging 3-4 times a week and walk A TON. But last Monday I found that I hadn't progressed at all and my dr. said that baby was WAY up there. I could've cried from disappointment. I thought my jogging was doing something!

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11/15/06 7:38 P

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I'm with the walking.

On Friday the baby's head was down there but the DR. could still feel the shape from the outside of my belly.

I was out shopping and walking around all weekend that on Tuesday at the Dr.'s he told me that he couldn't feel the baby's head because she had lodge it right into place.

So in a matter of 4 days of walking around she placed her head right in the center and is now ready to hurt

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11/15/06 1:46 P

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good things to try include - sitting on a chair/birthing ball etc leaning slightly foreward so your belly is just over your thighs - not only will this help the baby drop, but it also encourages the baby to move into the posterior position (face down). As other pp said squats and lunges help. Tailor sitting is esp helpful because it opens the hips so much as well as allowing gravity to work.

Though if your baby is breech you don't want to do any of these until your baby flips. One thing you can do to help your abby flip is lying on an inverted plank/ or doing downward dog a couple times a day (if you get dizzy or nauseated STOP). this will move the baby up, and when you stand gravity will pull the heaviest part of baby down (head down) doing this twice a day has an 80% effective rate for flipping breech babies after 32 weeks.

Once baby is flipped then you can try to get him/her to engage in the pelvis.

Good LUck

It sometimes happens, even in the best of families, that a baby is born. This is not necessarily cause for alarm. The important thing is to keep your wits about you and borrow some money. ~Elinor Goulding Smith

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11/15/06 1:14 P

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The nurses that taught my prepared childbirth class said that the best way to coax a baby to drop is to make the pelvis more open and inviting, and the best way to do this is by using a birthing ball. Sitting on a birthing ball can increase the room in the pelvis by up to 30%!

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11/15/06 1:07 P

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Squatting is a good one too, it kind of squishes the baby lower into your pelvis. It is also god for all those muscles you will be using during labour and delivery. Walking is definately a good one though. My baby can't really get much lower but I walk and squat a lot just so things get moving faster. I also sit and bounce around on my exercise ball.
My doctor said early labour can last a couple days for some people. Everyone is different, but it sure is frusterating.

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11/15/06 11:57 A

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i had walked about 2 miles last week and when i went in this week, my doc checked me and said i had made significant changes with my cervix.

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11/15/06 11:47 A

I'm thinking that I need to start walking then! I want this baby to drop ASAP so we can have him before Christmas. I love the mall anyway, so it sounds good to me!

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11/15/06 11:45 A

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I don't know what I"ve been doing, if anything, to get the baby to move down. On Monday, my midwife said baby is at -1. Today, I swear baby feels lower - one of my coworkers even told me I look like I've dropped even more since yesterday (and I didn't even tell her I thought so, too).

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11/15/06 11:16 A

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I've been walking and it seems like the baby is dropping more every week. The pressure is getting imbearable down there.

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11/15/06 10:07 A

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i have been walking my butt off and i really feel like the baby has dropped

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11/15/06 8:22 A

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My baby dropped a lot the other day and I really think it was from walking. We had done a lot of errands and walking that day. The first time the baby dropped some I didn't feel anything I just noticed that when I got up in the morning I could tell by looking at my tummy but this time I definitly felt it. Man the pain was not very enjoyable at all. So I saw walk, walk and walk somemore.

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11/15/06 7:46 A

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I don'tknow about any positions, but walking will cause gravity to help the baby drop. A lot of women I've known start making laps through the mall when they get close to the end of their pregnancy. It seems to work for them!

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11/15/06 12:35 A

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What are some good excercises or postions to get baby to drop further down?

Onto baby number four......

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