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Have you measured the circumference of your waist?

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9/12/06 11:33 A

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I am just slightly over 40 inches at the biggest part of my belly. I'm so glad i'm not the only one! I haven't weighed myself in over a month...I am so scared..he he he.


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9/12/06 11:21 A

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Mine is 41 and growing, theres noway out until the end .

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9/11/06 10:59 P

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I started this journey at 27 inches, now I'm 40 1/2 AND GROWING!!! (I'll never be like Scarlett with measurements like this! Ha, ha)

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Posts: 472
9/11/06 5:58 P

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I am at about 37 inches in the biggest part of my belly. I'm not sure what i was when i started though.. but, i was a size 2/4 in jeans and smalls in tops... and, now i'm wearing larges to x larges!!! haha


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Posts: 390
9/11/06 12:43 P

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wow mine is at 40" i dont' know what it was before but i was a size 4 before getting pregnant. ouch..

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Posts: 7633
9/11/06 11:39 A

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I measured 2 weeks ago and was 42". wowsa lol

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Posts: 2736
9/11/06 10:24 A

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Last weekend my BF and I were measuring things in our new house and I said, "gee, you should measure my belly." What was I thinking? Did I really want to know? Mine was 43 inches (started at 33 inches). My BF's was only 38! However, I like the belly measurement much better than weighing myself. I've stopped that completely!


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Posts: 1644
9/11/06 12:25 A

I started off at 27 and now I'm about 40! I feel huge! I'm curious to see how much I'll be at the end

Posts: 1029
9/10/06 10:34 A

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I'm at 36 inches around the biggest of my belly. I think this is fun- I guess I'd rather track my waist size than weight...What can you do--we're all pregnant and you are pregnant with twins!! Keep measuring- I think I will start writing down my waist size- It is so fun!

Posts: 241
9/10/06 10:02 A

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I was 31 1/2 inches before I got pregnant and now I am 40 inches as of yesterday. (Largest part of belly) That isn't the only part of me that blew up! I am having a girl and I gained in my face, legs, butt, arms, and have gained 1/2 shoe size in my feet! YUCK!!!!!!!!

Posts: 2659
9/10/06 9:39 A

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I was 24 inches before, and now I am 34 inches (28 weeks) around the biggest part of my belly!


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Posts: 1815
9/9/06 7:58 P

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I wanted to say, a lady who lives beside me just gave birth to her TWINS. Her belly was enourmous the last couple weeks....when she came home from the hospital, she looked amazing. Her belly shrunk back almost to normal. You would have never thought that a few days earlier she was carrying twins. I couldn't believe it! Sooooo, don't worry, it goes away! :) Which is nice to know.

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Posts: 548
9/9/06 7:39 P

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Im 37 :( I was 28 before


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Posts: 1253
9/9/06 7:36 P

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I got brave and measured mine. It was about 38inches at my biggest spot, ouch putting that in writing hurts.

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Posts: 1815
9/9/06 7:23 P

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lol that's cute! I bet you have an adorable belly! Remember, there's TWO babies in there!

My actual waist is at 30in, but around the biggest part of my belly it's 36in.

My son Paeton was born December 6th at 5:50 am. Only 5 hours and 50 minutes late!
Posts: 1024
9/9/06 6:36 P

I'm not sure why but that totally made me laugh out loud. I'm not having twins, but I wouldn't be surprised if mine was that size, too. I'm not about to!

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