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Anyone else get pregnant 1st month of trying?

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5/14/06 1:05 A

Count me in too!!! I had just got off of the pill AND healed up from Gallbladder surgery when we got pregnant!! I was very shocked I did not expect for it so soon. I was off the pill about a month so at least now i know to make sure that I stay on the pill cause I am a Fertle Mertle and he has great Swimmers LOL!!!

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5/13/06 9:20 A

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I fall into this category too! Went off the pill and was pregnant immediately. We thought that it would take at least a month or too, but apparently not!


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5/11/06 8:46 P

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I did. I figured it was going to take a while, but Dh said watch. He was right. If I had known I think I would have waited a bit longer. My olest is almost 7 & youngest is 5. So it is like starting all over again for us.

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5/11/06 3:47 P

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Yes we got pregnant the first month too! We were kinds shocked that it happened so quickly and that following my ovulation calendar worked so well. We were also doing "positions" to try and have a boy so hopefully that works as well

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5/11/06 3:33 P

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We got pregnant the first month we started trying but we also used an ovulation detector because we really wanted to have a December baby.

Emmaline Anne will be here on March 13th!!

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5/11/06 3:28 P

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my story is similar to momma06. We were really trying per say..but it was the one time we didn't use any protection in years and sure enough...

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Posts: 429
5/10/06 9:57 A

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We also got pregnant the first month we really tried. I was worried because I have 5 aunts/uncles that can't have children. Also I was on the ortho patch for a couple of years(which often takes a year to wear off).
We're really excited to be first time parents!

It's a boy!!!
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5/9/06 4:19 P

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It was our third month, but the doctor told me that we wanted to put me on clomid cause he didn't think I was ovulating since my first month of trying my cycle was 50 days. Proved him wrong!

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5/9/06 12:51 P

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Started the pill when I was 16. Stopped taking it august 2005 (12 years). And the aprils fools joke ends up a christmas present, as long as she/he sticks it out till the end. First time 9 mths of sort of trying. I will be 20 weeks at my wedding, planned before finding out.

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Posts: 262
5/9/06 12:24 P

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Not the first time, but we got pregnant on the 3rd month of trying - which was pretty amazing from what I hear, I am 38, my first baby and had just gone off the pill ( i was on it for over 15 years!)

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Posts: 5502
5/9/06 10:41 A

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With my daughter (now 3) we tried for 2 weeks. My son (now 18 months) was a "blessing." Now with baby #3, we tried for 2 weeks. I guess I'm pretty fertile!

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Posts: 267
5/9/06 12:23 A

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We also got pregnant on the first try. DH is very proud of his swimmers although he won't admit it. Stopped taking the pill 6 months before but didn't start trying until March...and we have a winner, due Dec. 6th.

Posts: 381
5/7/06 4:05 P

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We just started trying, and we really only tried one day- (we were really tired that week). We got super lucky.


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Posts: 1948
5/6/06 1:50 P

Yep, count me in too! I actually took clomid though for the first time this cycle, I don't know if thats what did it but my husband is very proud of his swimmers too!

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5/6/06 1:26 P

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First time the condom broke and nine months later we had our daughter. The next time it took 16 months! And unfortunately that ended in m/c. This time the first month trying I got pregnant!

We are very excited about adding onto our family.
Posts: 371
5/6/06 12:35 P

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With our son, we weren't trying to get pregnant, but we did! :) And this baby, it was our first month trying and we got preggo! So everyone teases me about being really fertile, but dh of course says it is his supersperm! :)

Posts: 664
5/6/06 10:47 A

Put me on that list! With both my DS (17 months) and this pregnancy, we weren't even trying. We just weren't NOT trying. Both times we had planned on "trying" the next month. All my girlfriends call me Miss Fertile.

My DH is happy that his boys can swim, but he was really looking forward to a couple of months of trying. Oh well!

All I can say is, thank God for birth control. Otherwise, we would have 8 kids by now!

Posts: 563
5/6/06 10:28 A

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Just wondering if anyone else out there got pregnant during their first month of really trying? When DH and I were officially trying to conceive and really trying, we got pregnant the 1st month both times(I m/c last year). DH jokes that he has swimmers...LOL!:) Now I just pray for a healthy happy pregnancy and baby.

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