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Best Room Temperature for baby

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10/18/06 4:27 P

That's a good tip! Thanks, Nimmy.

Normally I am always cold, but I will be sharing the room with the baby so I will make sure to keep it at 18ish....

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10/18/06 1:53 P

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I always have the heater set at 70-75 in the winter. I freeze all the time (when not preg) and DH is always burning up. I think 64 is to low for our home because it's kinda drafty (it's really old)

Good to know that tho

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10/18/06 1:42 P

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that is what I've learned as well. Colder better. and make sure there is a humidifier in there

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10/18/06 1:39 P

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I am always cold even while pg and we keep our thermastat at 70 right now so I am sure it will be around that once baby gets here. So if I put her in a sleeper or a sleep sac she should be fine right?

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10/18/06 9:57 A

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We usually have our house at 60F but our home is plaster and that means no insullation between the walls and the outside. We are going to put that cheesy plastic wrap over the windows and then add a heater to Sammy's room. I would just like to make sure his room stays at 65F. Plus the room he is in is always cold for some reason so we're hoping the heater plus extra heater will help fix this.

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10/18/06 9:43 A

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in my experience with DD the colder she was the better. She would wake up every hour if our house was over 65*. And when she would get sick the dr would tell me to keep it under 70 bc it cold air keeps the germs down!


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10/18/06 8:34 A

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Thats good to know, Thanks:) My hubby and I are the same way we have our thermostat set at 20 degrees at all times this time of the year. I thought that was going to be too cold for Kathryn so we were going to buy a portable heatere for her room.

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10/18/06 7:35 A


I'd be freezing! (But then, I always am when I'm not PG)

My DD and hubby would appreciateit tho, because they are both human curling irons.

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10/18/06 6:37 A


I think 18 (64F) is quite a bit on the cool side. Shoot for 20-22 (68-72F).

Still energy conscious, but comfortable.

Keep in mind that the baby is coming out of a 37C house (98.6F)!

(I heart metric - I miss my physics classes!)

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10/18/06 5:56 A

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Nimmy....i have read that the room should be 65-70 farenheit....not sure what the equivalent in celcius is.


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10/18/06 5:44 A

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We just bought a room thermometer for Bobby and the room he's going to be sleeping in is around 17 - 18 degrees.
Is this temp OK or is it a bit low? Does anyone know what the ideal room temp should be?

I have always hated the heat and am notorious for having windows wide open and fans / A/C's on even in the winter. So I know my personal thermostat is way out of whack. i don't want poor Bobby getting too cold

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