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Cats kneeding belly?

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8/3/06 10:12 P

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Thanks ladies! All my boys are indoor cats, so it makes me feel better about the toxo, and the kneading. Baby does start kicking once kitty gets started on the belly. It's really funny! Lap "real estate" is dwindling and they don't sit on me as much now either!!

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8/3/06 9:25 P

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I have indoor-only cats and have no worries about toxo, but my husband feels like he's supposed to change the litterbox when I'm pregnant. I figure I change it the rest of the time, so I let him! Gardening is a greater risk for toxo than indoor-cat litter boxes. My cats are spending less time on my lap these days - I think they're finding too little room there with my belly in the way! For me the biggest problem with being kneeded by the cats is that they snag my clothes... not my favorite thing. Hooray for all the cat lovers among us!

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8/3/06 8:26 P

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My cat does this too and I think the baby likes it, especially the purring motor she does. The only thing I don't let her do is knead with her claws out a little bit because I don't want her to accidentally puncture the skin on my belly. But she knows how to knead with no claws so I just tell her. well it sorta works, sometimes she gets frustrated and jumps off. Just put a blanket under your cat when she/he lays on your belly and let her knead away.
Also, about toxo, I worried about that like crazy at 1st, most people who have a cat have already had toxo and can't pass it on to the baby. You dr will still say not to change the litter box to be on the safe side. Also, my cats vet said its way easier to get toxo from food and not your cat.

I love cats too and my dogs!

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8/3/06 8:18 P

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Nah...the belly needing won't hurt the baby. It's pretty well protected in there. As far as toxoplasmosis, that risk is from feces so don't clean the litterbox. However, as said before, if you're cat's an indoor kitty, the chance of it having toxoplasmosis is low. You can have them checked with the vet though.

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8/3/06 6:00 P


Yes - kitties are wonderful but this is not good.

Those same paws (hopefully still w/ claws even, so that they can defend themselves - but still applies if they don't) are also touching the littler in the littler box.

For the same rreason that you are not supposed to be going near the littler box, your cats paws should not be going near you.

Paws touch your shirt, leave dust & bacteria (toxoplasmosis), you touch your shirt, might as well be changing the litter box...

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8/3/06 5:58 P

Ha..Ha..that's funny with the punching back. I don't think it's harmful. They are very well protected.
My male cat thinks my belly is some type of perch. When I'm laying on the couch he comes up and lays right on my tummy. Then we end up having a battle b/c my biggest baby (my 5 year old boxer/rott mix) gets jealous and she trys to get her 80lbs up on me too!

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8/3/06 5:53 P

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I let my cat do it from time to time but I think the baby don't really like it because he is punching back. the cat get scare and goes away

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8/3/06 5:49 P

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I think your little one is pretty well-protected in there. I'm sure it's fine. I just find it more uncomfortable now than anything when my cats kneed my belly. I don't let them do it anymore.

I love cats, too. :)

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