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Why doesn't my doctor change my due date???

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6/26/06 10:16 A

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With my first my sonograms measured further along, but my belly measured smaller. They never altered my due date because my doctor said that they look at my health and the size of the baby on the sonograms (along with the original due date). Turns the end of your pregnancy you will see your ob every week.

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6/26/06 8:57 A

I have a similiar situation. My dr won't change my date b/c she said they will only move it back...not up. She told me it is Nov. 25 but I am measuring more for Nov. 15. I don't really know why they have this policy. But, you won't overbake. With my DD I was induced the day before my due date b/c I told my dr I couldn't take it any more and both me and the baby were getting sooo big. So like the others will come out when ready and if not I am sure they will induce you.

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6/26/06 7:53 A

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You are not the only one.... Last appt, I was measuring about 3 weeks more. He has not changed my due date at this time. He is watching it and will decided later on. (I was on time up until last week, maybe the baby just had a growth spurt)

I will be induced earlier anyway because I have high blood pressure. But the baby knows when its ready to join the world and if they are late, then it will be induced.

I wouldn't worry about it at this time. Wait and see how it goes, towards the end the doctor and you will know when it's time!

Good luck with your u/s, keep us possted!!

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6/26/06 4:35 A

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I am measuring a week ahead but my due date has remained the same. I am not at all concerned considering this is my second child and I know my doctor will induce if the baby gets to big. It will all work out in the end so it's not even worth worrying about it.

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6/23/06 12:16 P

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I had an experience with my third child the doctor took My ulstround due date instead of using my lmp. I have big kids 1st was 11lbs 5oz., 2nd was induced week early 9lbs 5oz. so i was very concerned about my due date being wrong. but she wouldn't listen to me. Not to mention my dh and i were moving so he wasn't around when they said i would of concived that baby. Lucky for me i moved to my old doctor and i convinced her to change my due date because i knew when I got pg. so she did luckily the ultrasound she had done actually corresponded with how far along i actually was.i was also induced a week eailer agian and this time my 3rd was 8lbs 5 oz. the other doctor had my due date about three weeks later then when i should of been. but I was right and the other doctor was wrong. but the ultrasound can be off two weeks ethier way so the most accurate way is to use your lmp if you know when it was. that is what my current doctor did. best of luck.

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6/23/06 11:00 A

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I had the same question. Basically al all the US you had there will be a discrepancy between your due dates. I was convinced it will be the 7-th, because it just sounded more apropriate based on my calculations, but I went and asked the dr. after my 3-rd US why he does not change it and he showed me my charts. On all of them there was just 1 day discrepancy on 5 months of pregnancy. So do not worry, even if the date is not the prior one, they know that, they just do not bother to tell you that you might be expecting in the wrong day. They do not change it on paper, but this is why when you go in the hospital to say that you are one week past due date sometimes dr. looks over your chart and sends ypu back home. He told me that for most people there is about a week discrepancy in the charts, but they do not change the date on record, they just add the new data on there. So do not worry, just go ask your dr. and you will get the answer :)

And baby comes when he-she wants to come, so no choice there.:)

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6/23/06 9:36 A

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Due dates are very subjective. So - just go by your LMP - unless your 6 or 12 week US advanced you. A 20 week US is completely unreliable for dating because the baby's rate of growth is very "spurty" at that time.

You won't OVERBAKE! I know we want these babies out sometime in November, but the actual due date isn't important.

Only 6-10% of women deliver on their "due date" anyway - so +10 and -10 days are the NORM.

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6/23/06 9:28 A

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my second daughter measured big on both the sonogram and the belly measurement, and my doctor at the time did change the date to 2 or 3 weeks earlier than the dates said she was. I ended up with complications at the end of the pregnancy and they induced her and what was supposed to be 34 weeks. It turns out she wasn't that far along and the due date should not have been moved - she was breech and more like 32 weeks along. They nearly lost us both through the labour, it was a horrible experience. She spent the first little bit in NICY and She had a really rough first month because of it.

My first daughter was 2 weeks overdue and outside of being bigger, red and having dry sking she had no ill effects from being inside too long.

I think its better to be past due than pre term.

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6/23/06 6:16 A

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Did you have an early ultrasound--like around 6-14 weeks or so? Those are the US that would make your DR change your date--not the later ones.

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6/23/06 4:56 A

I wouldn't worry about it until you actually get there... perhaps the baby is just big, and most likely he'll come on time or before you need to worry about it anyway. Babies also tend to grow in spurts, so maybe by the next u/s you'll be right on your due date again. I think drs are more worried about having the due date too soon (and hence inducing too soon) than too late, they want to make sure the baby has all the time to grow that he/she needs.

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6/23/06 1:47 A

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I'm frustrated, I had my last OB visit Wednesday and although I'm a couple weeks farther along (per my last sonogram) my OB wont change my due date? I just worry that if I come to full term and the baby's late, since they normally wait another week once you've past your due date to induce labor, by then I'd actually be over 2 weeks overdue. I know he may change the due date as I get more sonograms closer to delivery but what if he doesn't? I don't want to overbake! LOL! Anyone experience this with their OBs???

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