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What week is considered full term?

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9/27/06 10:57 A

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Yup. I heard 37 too!

...only three more days! :)

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9/27/06 9:25 A

My doctor told me that week 37 is considered full term.

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9/27/06 9:17 A

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I heard the same thing, after you hit 36 weeks, they will allow you to deliver the baby and not try to stop labor. 36 weeks I think they still consider an early delivery (as far as if you would have a second and they ask if you delivered early or not) As for me, I know the end is HARD on the body, but my "late "baby was SOOO good, and my 1 wk. early baby was fussy- could just be personality, but I want a 40 weeker to be on the safe side. I have friends who delivered 4 wk.s early and had happy healthy babies.... Time will tell for me!

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9/27/06 9:14 A

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Yeah, Ang - I agree.

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9/27/06 9:08 A

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my dr considered me full term at 37 weeks...

are you guys getting the feeling that it is all a matter of perception or opinion???


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9/27/06 9:01 A

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I think anything before 38 weeks is considered premature. You could deliver at 36 weeks and still have a healthy baby - she would just be considered a preemie.

And after 38 weeks is considered full term.

Plus - her lungs aren't fully developed until 38-39 weeks. That's the last thing to develop.

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.*Taylor Lynn .*October 11, 2006

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Posts: 151
9/27/06 8:33 A

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My baby was born at 35 1/2 weeks and he will just now be coming home today due to him being early and only weighing 4 lb 12 oz. He was close enough to being 36 weeks, which is what some people say is okay to deliver at. I personally would want to wait until at least 38 weeks, because havign a baby in the hospital for 12 days is no fun at all!!

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9/27/06 4:53 A

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I know that a baby born at 37 weeks or later is not "premature", but I wasn't sure about "full-term". Here's what Web-MD says:

"The third trimester of pregnancy spans from week 28 to the birth. Although your due date marks the end of your 40th week, a full-term pregnancy can deliver between the 38th and 42nd weeks of pregnancy. During this final trimester, your fetus grows larger and the body organs mature. The fetus moves frequently, especially between the 27th and 32nd weeks."

That would make it seem like a baby born after 37 weeks, but before 38 is "early", but not "premature".

In any event, even those of us due at the end of Oct. are entering the safety zone where are babies are at most early, but not premature (hooray!)

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9/27/06 2:23 A

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37 as far as I'm concerned and I'm glad that I made it to this point otherwise my midwife wouldn't deliver me... higher risk

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9/26/06 10:27 P

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my doc said that they wouldn't stop labor at or after 34 weeks, but still full term is not until 37 weeks as far as i know.

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9/26/06 10:08 P

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your all right but my doctor even said to me at 35 weeks that if i were to go now that she wouldent stop the labor...hmmm i guess every doctor is diffrent doesnt look like i am going now I think she was just saying that :)

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9/26/06 9:47 P

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I am with everyone who said 37 weeks

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9/26/06 7:34 P

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I've also read that 37 wks. is full term. There is so much contradicting information out there! It's so confusing!

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9/26/06 7:26 P

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I just got back from my midwife appointment today. I told her I'm going to start walking to try to get baby out around Oct 6th. She said 'You'll be 37 weeks then, so go for it!'

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Posts: 702
9/26/06 6:55 P

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I've always heard 37

Posts: 222
9/26/06 6:38 P

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I always thought it was 37 too but when I went to my dr appt when I was about 36w2d my midwife said that I was ready to go and could have her any day!

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9/26/06 6:37 P

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like pp said, i read that 37 wks is considered full term and if you go before like at 36 wks, they might do an amnio to check if the babies lungs are fully developed. it all depends on your dr.

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Posts: 1682
9/26/06 6:35 P

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my doctor told me 36 weeks is term and even if i went now she wouldent stop labor cause she said babies do just fine now if they were to be born as babies born at 40 weeks!

BABY #1 born NOVEMBER ! 2006 at 6# 8oz and a head full of hair! I am so in love with her! cant wait to meet baby girl number 2 on the 8th of feb -via c section

Ashlynn Bailey-nov 1 06
Cheyanne Makayla due feb 8 2008

Posts: 551
9/26/06 6:32 P

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I actually read it is 37, but at 36 you are fine to go at anytime.

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9/26/06 6:30 P

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I am so confused here. I went to L&D last week and they told me that I could be off bed rest this Tuesday (today) because I would be 36 weeks, full term. She said that once you hit 36 wks they would not try to stop labor and the baby is considered full term.

I have always heard that full term is 37 weeks. I know this is coming from my hospital and Dr actually. But do different Dr's have different opinions?


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