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sign of going into labor soon?? TMI

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9/23/06 6:25 A

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with my other two pregnancies i "cleared out" so to speak when i was already having mild contractions, so don't hold out any hope of this being "it" if you aren't having other symptoms.

Having said that everyone is different, but other than the obvious symptoms here are some more less obvious symptoms that i had before i was sure i was in labour:
generally feeling not quite right, a bit crampy, restlessness, i was irritable, not being able to lie down as it is more uncomfortable, feeling generally unwell and out of sorts which could include being sick and emptying bowels, although i wasn't sick,
then the crampyness i realised may be contractions as they were in waves but not painful, then i lost my mucus plug and i was sure i was in the early stages of labour and they got more and more regular as the time went on, it was pretty slow for me and it took probably 12 hours for the contractions to really get going before i even went to hospital.

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9/23/06 4:13 A

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your body is clearing it's self out so that when it is time the only thing your pushing out is the baby...however soon is a relative could still be a few days or weeks before you really go into labor and have the baby.

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9/23/06 3:13 A

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I have no Idea but I'm going through the same thing, where its not diarrhea but I use it a lot it is fustrating and yeah gross but what so it mean?

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9/23/06 2:41 A

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i hear diarrhea OR loose stools...
PLUS nausea and/.or vomiting

ive had MAJOR nausea and loose stools (TMI)


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9/23/06 2:12 A

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I've read that diarrhea is a sign of early labor.

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9/23/06 1:59 A

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Maybe i am just getting my hopes up but i heard from someone that (how do i put this nicely) going poop alot is a sign of labor coming soon?? I was just wondering if it was true or just one of those old wives tales...i cant sleep tonight and it seems every hour or so i have to get up and go poop!!! it is starting to get isnt the runs or anything but its not like giving birth either!! any suggestions or thought on this??? Sorry if that grossed anyone out....kinda grossed me out!!!

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