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Can you predict your baby's size before birth?

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9/4/06 10:16 P

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thanks ladies for your insights, i just went to see my midwife and she predicted for my size my baby will be quite small cos i am a small build. she said he wont be a normal size cos im so lil but a bit smaller than that.
lj williams people are saying to me too that he will be 5 or 6 pds, but ive really popped out in the last month and with a month to go i think i will pop even more. im carrying really high at the moment too and bubs is still in transverse, hes half way round so the midwife said to start leaning over a couch to get him to turn fully, he still has 4 weeks i suppose.

2 of my mates have just had baby girls, one emergency c-section and one natural no drugs, im just so eager to know what birth i will have, what size he will be etc. guess i just gota see what happens at the time, im soooo impatient though, im the last to have my baby out of my mates, they have all had girls and im the only one having a boy too, so im glad my boy will have lots of girlfriends!

thanks again for your predictions, i guess its just a waiting game now, i just want my story to tell and i guess it will come soon i just gota stop being so impatient i guess.

thanks again.

Bubs due Oct 5th, its a boy!

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8/31/06 10:32 A

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I was six weeks early and only weighed 5 pounds when I was born, and since I am short and skinny (5'3'' & 98 lbs pre-pregnancy) everyone thought my first baby was going to be really 5 or 6 pounds. She surprized us all by weighing 7lbs 14 oz. That's a big baby to come out of me! I carried really high and big with her, but with this lil man I'm smaller and really low...maybe he won't be quite as big as his sister but then again who knows. The baby's size isn't what makes labor and getting the baby out hard, it's how your body is shaped and built. I thought I would have a hard time with labor but Maddie came out in just a couple of pushes.

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8/31/06 9:38 A

I don't know how accurate this site is, but I found this a few months ago.

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8/31/06 4:39 A

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When I had my U/S the other day they said at the moment Maddison was 4lbs and by the time she's born she should be about 8lbs. They also said that it looks like she is going to be quite tall/long and thin (which means that she will take after both of us on her build).

On the 'is small better to get out' question...I spoke to my midwife and she said at the end of the day it just depends on how it goes on the day. There's nothing to say that if you're small a bigger baby will be harder to get out or that a small baby is easy to get out. If the baby is breech or trying to come 'back to back' it can be impossible to get them out regardless of size - but it has been done!

Maddison was born 15th October @ 10.45am weighing 7lbs 5oz.

Our baby is due October 22nd and will be our first.

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8/31/06 3:01 A

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I'm with Val, I don't think there's really an accurate way to tell other than weighing the baby after it's born. People tell me that I'm going to have a small baby and I didn't start showing until around 27 weeks but I honestly think I'll have a 7 or 8 pounder no problem

Bubba on his 1st birthday!!! ... My baby came 10/04/06 at 2:05 pm after 33 hours of labor. He was 8 pounds even, 21 inches, 14 inch head and I had him all natural with a midwife.
2weeks:9.5 2 months, 15 lbs
6 months, 20.4 lbs

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8/31/06 1:28 A

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There's no way to predict an unborn babies size accurately.

If it's's a lucky guess.

Babies come in all shapes and sizes.


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Born at Home: November 4th, 2006
4:40am ~ 6lb-7oz ~ 19.5 inches

Birth: 6lb-7oz
3 Weeks: 8lb-6oz
2 Months: 11lb-2oz
6 Months: 14lb-60z
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8/31/06 1:25 A

My sisters doctor was accurate almost to the ounce guessing the weight of both her babies. I had two docs tell my my son was 6 and a half pounds and he weighed 8 lbs.

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8/31/06 1:19 A

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when i was born i was 6.1 and my partner around 7. people say to me they think our baby will be around 5-7. im short, small, gota high belly, started showing at 5 months, am having a boy, carrying in the front, weigh 56.8 ks.

my friend was 4pds when she was born and came a month early, her partner was about 8, how the hell did she end up having a 10.1 baby?

people keep telling me, wow your going to have a small baby, i dont know whether this is good or bad, good to push out, bad being so little?

any theories, facts or answers?

Bubs due Oct 5th, its a boy!

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